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Shotgun Picture Thread

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yep, the Cavalry Arms looks more like it, although with out the hole for the sling swivel and if you look closely the grip and the stock on the Ironridge guns almost touch, whereas on the CA one they are a bit more far apart. and too expensive for me anyway.


King Arms' adapter is pretty close and its for the M500! Nice, as I would prefer to use the ACM M500 shotty anyways, as I dont see the point in a short barreled single shot shotgun anyway.





I think Im gonna look into this proyect as soon as I have funds.


EDIT: actually, why dont we start discussing how to make the M500 conversion. There are two main problems:


1) Feeding tube, has to be cut down: the part where you lock the inner tubes into the big one is IIRC one piece with the part that holds it to the barrel.


2) Foregrip: youd have to make this yourself, maybe by cutting a pipe in half, drilling some holes in it for some Sig 552 side rails (closest I found, although one or to ribs shorter) and screwing it to the loading arms. But then the M500 loading arms are pretty week and if you dont get the new foregrip to run on the feeding tube like a rail, stabilizing it, I can see them breaking the first time you rack the gun.

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Wastelander- a gas-operated, semi-auto APS shell shotgun feeding from Saiga magazines, and with interchangeable barrel length. Full build log here.      

Couldn't be happier right now.

Build log is over in Project Suggestions if anyone's interested.  

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i already cut mine down a couple months ago. check Airsoft Weapon Builds for a current picture and a pic of a drawing of how it will look in the end of the transformation when i get them up later.


i can give you the measurements for the length of the tubes on the inside for a 6.5 inch gun (i think the barrels of the guns above were 6.5-8 inches, cant tell...) and what i recommend using as a bonding agent (as the tube assembly is actually welded together).


ill write a guide eventually...

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I reckoned I'd see what $40 bucks buys in ACM shotties these days......













These little things are a blast! Full metal and heavy! I haven't chrono'd it yet, but I believe the rumors of it being a little hot. I'm going to have to get one of the full size versions as well now!


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Thanks elrey and Rhino!



Yessir Rhino, those are the 'original equipment' grips, albeit with a wee bit of modification lol




Project Supplies:


1 ACM full-metal sawed-off CA870 charger clone.........................................$42


1 2Fl oz. bottle of acrylic hobby paints (burnt umber)...................................$1.40


1 Bag of steel-wool pads............................................................................$4


1ea. Kitchen tool-drawer Hammer, Screw driver, oh and the file bit from a Leatherman tool



Shake well, then serve


- Remove grips from gun


- Use steel-wool pads (or sandpaper or sanding pads) to remove top layer of shiny plastic from the faux-wood pieces.


- Use tools (a dremel or drill w/ attachments comes in handy here as well) to 'distress' the plastic giving it wear marks (aka 'beat the &%$# out of it') to taste


- Apply coat of acrylic hobby paint in color or colors of your preference

Method: apply coat of color, wipe off within a minute, repeat as necessary to achieve desired effect.

Protip: Spray a layer of urethane over that to protect the finish from your sweaty, grimy mitts during use- Satin or shiny to taste on the urethane spray.



- Optional Enhancements:

Dremels- Or Drills with grinding or sanding attachments come in handy to gouge burrs or splits and splintered wood in the plastic grip pieces, a good hint is to do a little bit at a time so not to over do it.


Wood Stain- The acrylic hobby paints can dry flat and somewhat chalky, so to bring back a shine to the wood apply a few coats of wood stain in preferred shade. It will take a long time to dry, usually overnight, but you will end up with a very realistic finish. And finish that off with urethane spray to seal the finish as well.







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I have a cookie waiting for anyone who can tell me who makes this stock/grip/rail adapter. I emailed the builders (www.ironridgeguns.com) but have gotten no answer.


How are you making out with this? Still thinking about building it?


Hope you don't mind, I fell in love with the shottie you posted and I plan on building one just like it. ACM M500, KA adapter, Magpul MAID and UBR, and still haven't figured out the foregrip. I may do something similar to the iron ridge shottie, but i'm not sure yet...

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Fairly new to these forums and have been meaning to post for some while.

I have to say i love these shotty pics nearly as much as i do the 1911 thread pics :rolleyes:

Anyway here goes with my little lady...


'Vanessa' G&P M870 with real steel wood fore and aft stocks fitted imported from the US.





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Was gonna do something a bit different but I like this look better. Couple things I may change, such as I don't know if I wanna keep the UBR on it anymore. I may go the CTR route. I also Was gonna chop the whole thing up to 8-10" but I like the longer barrel now. I may just cut it down to 16" and Port the barrel (a la Vang Comp). And I also dont know if i like it enough to buy a surefire M70 rail for it. I may just find a hogue forend for it.


Marushin M500

Arms Tech Tactical Stock Adapter

Magpul Maid

Madpul UBR (replica)


Has anyone tried cutting the barrel with a tubing cutter meant for copper pipe? Seems like it would make a nice sharp cut...

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