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Wastelander- a gas-operated, semi-auto APS shell shotgun feeding from Saiga magazines, and with interchangeable barrel length. Full build log here.      

Couldn't be happier right now.

Build log is over in Project Suggestions if anyone's interested.  

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Not even the unpopular ones on urban dictionary think you're right. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=CBA


In case anyone was wondering how well the extractor fix works, it does wonders. My friend installed it on his m1100 revision. It was barely noticeable, and instantly started ejecting properly again.


Except when reaver then bought it and stripped it he managed to somehow break 90% of the parts in the gun! leaving me with a shell of a revision!

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Was going for the "Richard Aitken" version of the Benelli when i built this little puppy from Resident Evil (remake version)






started out as a Double Eagle benelli clone (shorty version with full stock) Changed the short magazine tube & outer barrel for one from a Benelli M1014 (some minor alterations - namely drilling a few places) Stuck an ACM Metal heatshield from a Mossberg M500, took the rear sights from the M1014 and retapped them to the M3 receiver (but didn't want to put the picatinny rail on - wanted the sights to be similar to the Benelli Nova SP) Placed a barrel clamp from a full sized Benelli shotgun for extra stability and cut the stock tube at the rear and placed a "Tilt n' slide" M1014 stock on there. Only sacrifice i had to make was the front sling mount (as i'd put it all back together before i realised i'd not put it on) Might put it on at some later date but at present i'm happy with it. Also made a "Pump non-slip-grip" for the pump (like the ones you see on the shorty cruiser style shotties to stop your hand from sliding off the pump and being blown off) Works very well and doesn't affect the operation in any way. Pump is a tad stiff again through the heatshield, but it's starting to soften up again with use. :D


Only things i'm planning now (which will be at a later date -- funds permitting) is to fit a Taclight to the magazine tube with a long pressure switch and a sidesaddle shell holder.

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was gonna take it off and just have the pistol grip (would probably just involve putting some washers or something in the grip to make the hex bolt hold it better) I've also tried putting my "Shorty" grip and fullstock back on it after i cut the stock nub down (the bit that sticks out the back of the M3 and secures the stock) and it's a good clean fit with no wobble and no worry about "Stressing" the grip/stock in any form.


@ShotgunSteven - He's sorta right. This was a Benelli M3 "shorty" and i replaced certain parts with the M1014's barrels, stock and sights (i don't like the M1014 pump - personal preference :D ) I was originally inspired by the single shot version that they sell over on RSOV and thought "i'd like that... but firing triple rounds instead of single" ;)

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I do like the M3, as well as the M4. If they had sold a version of their M3 with the M4 sights, I'd have totally bought that instead, simply because a pump action M3 is more realistic than a pump action M4... but perhaps I can email Benelli and tell them to put out some pump-action M4's. /sarcasm

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Now for something completely different. :D


SPAS purists, please turn off your monitors, now.


Completely sawn-off SPAS 12 with custom barrel mount RIS, M6 laser/torch combo attached with a high MP5 RIS. Its actually more effective than its ever been.












Last pic was before the MP5 RAS was attached.


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