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Shotgun Picture Thread

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Wastelander- a gas-operated, semi-auto APS shell shotgun feeding from Saiga magazines, and with interchangeable barrel length. Full build log here.      

Yo Dawg I heard you like shotguns.. .... so you can reload while you reload

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Any chance we can get pictures of the moded stock? I like it and just might buy a long barrel clone for my Man hunter Load out


Yeah, I can take some pics today. Keep in mind that it's not finished, it needs some more cut away, then then smoothing up with bondo and epoxy putty. But it's definitely skirmishable (I used it all day last saturday) and it will give you an idea of how it's done.




- CapaciousZepher

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The front sight is a standard shotgun night sight, bought from my local sporting goods place. The rear one is the original sight, drilled out and with lego glow rod things glued in.


Works pretty well although the rear sight is much dimmer than the front.




- CapaciousZepher


Lego? You've given me an idea for something quite interesting. I'll take a phot when ive finished and post it up.


Still loking for my damn card reader....

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quick question for you all,


the DE version of the M1014. What cocking method does it use? being as it's semi in real steel.


Curious to find out as my blasted one still hasn't turned up. Never, ever using a pre-order system again.


I figured it would be bolt cocking at first, but now I've head it may cock normally but with the grip coming back over the shell door when pulled?

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I finally got my own Marushin M500 GODMOD finnished!


It all started up as a piece of concept artwork by GodAllMighty from the Swedish Airsoft forum a couple of years ago:



Since a 100% realisation of the concept won't be possible, I've decided to give it the name MODDAN M500 GodMod Mod.0 since it is in essence my interpretation of GodAllMighty's vision. Certain deviations from the artwork where unavoidable, some where done for esthetical reasons, some are hidden, others are obvious. Although, overall, I'm very happy with the result.


When I first saw the concept GodAllMighty made, my first thought was that this vision must be realised! Although I was not willing to sacrifice a fully functioning Marushin Mossberg, the appearance of low-cost clones on the market made my day! So I swiftly bought a clone Mariner Mossberg and gave it to Rufs.




When the gun arrived it was off toRufs' house to engage in some thinking, creating, compromising and sketching. Although Rufs made most of the metalwork, drilling, measuring and such, I financed the project!



A small selection of the first mock-ups:


Shape and size of the heatshield is discussed:



Shape of the metalwork over the shotguns' reciever:



Important obstacles which must be overcome:




Certain ideas are discussed to and fro. Here is an example of how we try to solve the problem with the safety selector. Although we finally agreed on that the best solution would be to ignore the problem altogether and simply remove the safety switch in order to simplify the construction.




An early version of the "conversion kit" has been completed, and is assembled on the gun in order to mock it up. Certain measurements have to be adjusted in order to simplify further construction, the vents on the heat shield are re-sized and simplified in order to shorten the time of production, the outer barrel has been sawed-off to a suitable length, and the problem regarding the transition between barrel and receiver has been taken care off.





Close-up on the front of the gun. We made the decision to cut the end of the heat-shield at an angle in order to please the eye. Special fixture points where built from scratch in order to fix the heat-shield to the barrel. Preparations for Picatinny rails where made, and the purchase of a more correct forearm and stock is made.



Close-up on the transision between reciever and barrel:



Moddan - Shotgun Connoisseur Extraordinaire.

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Overview of the work-area and development thus far:




*Mmmm...* vents...




The Beta version of the gun has been completed. A suitable stock adaptor was purchased and installed on the gun. Certain minor adjustments where made in order to ensure a perfect fit when the whole thing is assembled. Some pieces of Picatinny rail arrives, and preparations for installation of those are made. A more aesthetically pleasing forearm is purchased, and the whole thing receives a much needed coat of paint and maintenance.





The finished result!


All components have finally been assembled into a fully functioning unit! The correct forearm has been assembled, the gun's pump-action has undergone som maintenance, and 20mm Picatinny rail covers the whole upper part of the gun. the only thing missing at present is some accessories, such as an EoTech 552, a tactical light or two, a fixed front sight and a Magpul M93A stock. The kit will undergone some trimming in order to ensure a 100% perfect resemblance to the original concept. A few screws are in need of tightening, and the gun needs to be test fired and zeroed in.

At present it performs flawlessly with Green Gas and has good range with it's 3x 8mm BB's.

And on top of it all, its a pretty unique piece.




I'll snap some better pics when my camera battery has been recharged, and the light conditions are a bit better. Until then, you'll just have to make due with what I've got.


Moddan - Shotgun Connoisseur Extraordinaire.

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