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Shotgun Picture Thread

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M1100 is for cool factor I know they're less than ideal for reliability.


The majority of shooters in the class/division I played, use APS CAM870, seemed more reliable than when it came out (still need some mods to be reliable of coz) .


As a side note, most serious cam870 shooters don't use the dual 12g bulb charger, instead they use an adapter to mount a bigger tank, which is from aquarium store for feeding co2 to water plants, for more consistent charges and lower cost for sustained usage.

Like a paintball tank with an adapter?
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Wastelander- a gas-operated, semi-auto APS shell shotgun feeding from Saiga magazines, and with interchangeable barrel length. Full build log here.      

Couldn't be happier right now.

Build log is over in Project Suggestions if anyone's interested.  

Posted Images

Big thanks to Kalashnikov_kid for showing me it was possible, and Renegadecow for helping me find one for sale.


Another Denix coach gun conversion, this time using Goblin shells, to replace my Hwa San from page 97 that vanished into the woods on its first and only outing.






I'm a big fan of the Goblin shells and with a proper barrel like this the results are great. It's got a decently tight spread and enough power to punt 18-odd BBs in a homemade paper shot cup at about 250fps.

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Catgutviolin shame about the Haw San but on the other hand that denix conversion looks hella cool! How is the metal on the denix? I've tried some of their revolver models and sometimes the metal is so brittle that it can snap of but I really want a double barrel!

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That is awesome! I really want to give it a go myself! How easy were the modifications? What sort of tools were needed?


From the Reddit thread:


I drilled out the fake firing pins and built replacements made with some basic hardware, bored out the barrels to accommodate the shells, and replaced the poor hammer springs with some better-tempered ones. It still does not have any extractors, so the shells are currently removed by tilting the gun or pulling them out manually, but I'm working on a solution for that.




$108 for the gun, five bucks for the firing pin parts, another ten for the hammer torsion springs, and a bunch of drilling, sanding, filing, and fitting to get the whole thing to work right. I'd guess not a lot of people have done this conversion because it was a hell of a lot of work- way easier to just get a Hwa San sawnoff and back out two grub screws, which is all it takes to convert it to use Goblins.


He also posted a video:


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Thanks Puresilver. Like I said in that post, it's a fair amount of effort. The Denix guns are made of die-cast zinc alloy, so pot metal, and of a kind that strips out fairly easily so you need to be careful with the screws. It's definitely designed to be a cheap prop, so the materials aren't great, but aside from a few specific problem points (like the hammer springs) the simplicity of the design makes it durable enough, and considering I found it for $108 I really can't complain.


Making it use Madbull shells like Kalashnikov_kid's would probably be easier, since I don't believe boring out the barrels would be needed, but then you have to make an inner barrel assembly.

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Thanks! Yep, the speedfeed stock holds 2 shells on each side:) and like nonex said, those blue rubber balls will hit you really hard. Not for gaming or close quarters, I made the Mistake of shooting one of those against a wall inside my apartment, they bounced around and almost hit me on the head :D

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