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Shotgun Picture Thread

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More like R&D / Technical stuff, but it's shotgun-related-pics, so here:
( While typing this post I did some search and there's a 3D Printed Parts thread somewhere else, I will just copy whole thing and paste there again )

A friend of mine is thinking of a way to prevent / reduce chance of slam-fire when using PPS metal shells, or ND if shells are dropped,
He gave me one 3d printed part of his design and I decided to make some more for my own further testing.
Since the copy from him is a SLS'd part so measuring dimensions from its "grainly" surface is not ideal.
I took the original metal part off from my shells, measured, modified and created my own version.

I need like twenty-something of those parts so I "linked" them together to save printing cost, if printed individually it takes ONLY 3 pieces to reach the same price of the "sheet" above. And yeah, the sprue looks ugly.

"Improved" sprue AFTER I ordered the sheets above, maybe next time... I still need to confirm the size tolerance of the service provider when I receive my order, adjust model to fit, so I will definitely print again.
Awaiting my order to come................ in mid-May

The goal of the design is to use some non-CO2 power source, which originally tend to slam-fire / ND, on the purple metal shells, without the danger and the risk getting DQ'd in matches.
CO2 powered shells are AWESOME to shoot but not as nice to maintain, shells would break and o-rings swell A LOT.
These will be SLS printed nylon, my friend tested his version like 100 times with some stronger gases like big fat gas from Guarder, WE 4X and "Red" gas and survived, while apparently stopped slam-fire when operated "violently".
CO2 will snap these stuff but there's no point using these with CO2 at the first place........ you just can't slam-fire a CO2 filled shell.

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Wastelander- a gas-operated, semi-auto APS shell shotgun feeding from Saiga magazines, and with interchangeable barrel length. Full build log here.      

Couldn't be happier right now.

Build log is over in Project Suggestions if anyone's interested.  

Posted Images

If you did the artwork in photoshop you can sort of "define" it's physical size, for example you can make an A4 sized canvas and put multiple stickers on it, export as PDF, then everyone can print 100% size on A4 paper and get correct sized stickers.

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Learnt how to dissassemble my Cyma tri shot. Also fitted a rail to the top receiver. Pretty pleased with it even though it's not dead centre on the gun, it's straight enough by far. A much needed addition to these.


Sadly the shell carrier I bought was no good. Designed for real shells and required too much work to make TM shells fit. So the old cheap Velcro patch will have to do for now.





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I was bored and took it out on my PPS xm-26, already shortened it by removing the stock and put in a sling swivel and end cap from a AR-15 but wanted it even shorter. It's super crude but looks awesome. 

It's only for very close combat or backup now because I had to remove the inner barrel. 





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YAY! No more slamfires! Neither the fear of ND when "hot" shells are dropped on ground! :P







3D printed primer in nylon, arranged together as close as possible I could think, 41 primers per sheet in case of wear/breakage, or if someone out there has 41 shells!


Video shows original primer VS improved primer:


Works with green gas and slightly powerful gas from WE or Guarder, around 14 kg/cm^2 @ 25°C, and NO, doesn't work with CO2, pressure is so high that the primer just snaps in two.

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