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Shotgun Picture Thread

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Wastelander- a gas-operated, semi-auto APS shell shotgun feeding from Saiga magazines, and with interchangeable barrel length. Full build log here.      

Couldn't be happier right now.

Big thanks to Kalashnikov_kid for showing me it was possible, and Renegadecow for helping me find one for sale.   Another Denix coach gun conversion, this time using Goblin shells, to replace my Hwa

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Had to glue the side carrier on as the holes don’t line up on spring versions which is a shame.


Also the dummy feed tube actually fits 2 more shells inside. Padded it out to stop the rattling but nice to have emergency spares.


Front sight stolen from my spares box from an ACM M500 but looks good I think

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Decided to fix the double feeding issue on my CAM870P, and this is the result:

*youtube linky*


Just tried this on my double-feeding 14-inch SWAT, and it works great!

I just held the shell latch arm with two pliers and bent it to submission. Would not recommend that method to anyone else, since it is rather hit-or-miss, but I was lucky.

And it does require some serious effort to bend the arm...

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Many reasons, I guess.

First off the Dominator is wrong on many areas. The ejection port, the weird cramped barrel... that was the first thing that put me off that platform.

And also, for me, it's the fact that it is a Tanaka clone. Say what you want about the Tanaka shotguns. They look great, they have lots of metal components, but they are really more showpieces than actual skirmish guns. Mine underwent several reparations before I sold it on, and the inner barrel design coupled with limited BB's is really a let down for me. The reach may increase slightly over an APS shotgun, but the added realism of shooting slugs (which may or may not be appropriate) out of a CAM870, and being able to vary my ammo more than BB weight makes it more worth while than a Tanaka, PPS, Dominator, or any other gun of that denomination.

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Why doesn't anyone have the Dominator International 870?


I got one converted to APS shells, it's excellent, made my APS(s) feel like toys in comparison, sold my APS shotguns as a result while keeping the shells for this platform, will likely build another one based on the sawn off model. 


This is work in progress, it will eventually have a Vang Comp sight set (which I have had for years and never found the right gun to install on until now), Cerakoted and have the ports drilled. 






Surefire 618LMG and Hogue Shortshot stock, 7+1, with a take down pin mod that's also WIP, hence rough finish around that area. 

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I honestly don't know as I bought the Dominator already modded by CRW, so I don't have the original to compare with to see what they actually did. According to a few friends in HK who do airsoft 3 gun, apparently it isn't as straight forward as removing the inner barrel... not sure how much that says about the difficulty and CRW gets a fair bit of business doing that conversion. 

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It does not look that hard to do.

I had a look at the bolt from a friends Dominator 870 and compared it to my own APS bold, and it did not look overly difficult to convert it from Tanaka-style shells to APS standard. I am planing to make a video on the subject during this season, but I don't know exactly when.

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I just bought the sawn off kit for the DM870, so I will be converting that to work with my APS converted DM, will upload some info of the conversion, I'm going to guess it's just dremel and violence for the barrel conversion.

Really liked that kit I have a RS shockwave Raptor grip that I love but it is only for Mossberg 500. Tried to find another but seems impossible here in Sweden.


Is there not many modifications beside the bolt and barrel? The receiver and magtube?

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