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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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Can someone PLEASE show me what the first post of this thread looked like with proper photos?


They seem to have expired, and all the good comments have given me a yearn to see a painted P-90!





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just a quick update on the m14, it looks cooler now

it will be upgraded tomorrow or early friday for its second game this weekend:




heres the stuff it gets, but i wish i bought a gaurder spring, but they were out of stock:



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o yea, the tightbore is installed, but im going to install the internals tomorrow night with my friend, we ordered the stuff together on wgc to save on shipping. he also bought a wood kit for his ak, so we ill have a sweet combo

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Here's my painted ca m24.

At first it was painted more or less camo, yesterday it tried to improve it a little to look like flectarn (my airsoft outfit..). Worked out ok, maybe it's still a bit to dark.

I'm sorry for the poor image quality, but the pics were taken with my mobile.


And notice the scope mount; extremely low eh? :P





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Yeah, I've got a metal one but couldn't bring myself to scratch it up. So I thought "I know, I'll scuff up the plastic one!" Uzis look best when they're battered, like AK's.



Well it looks damn good :D just wish i could find somewhere that still had them... as well as some money! :P

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Hmmm, no barrel?


Paint job looks pretty cool as well, though it also looks like a better picture could show some detail better...eh? eh?



Also, catch22, nicely done, at first I thought that was all shadows being cast on it, it looks really effective

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DAMN! You guys caught me..


I painted the outer barrel Multicam! :P


Actually, it's a BOYS model that I use to test out paintjobs on. I made the barrel "commando" when I accidently whacked it against a rock and the barrel snapped off.


And Silent, I have 6 megapixels of photo if you'd like a better one.. just PM me your e-mail.

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