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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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In answer to the battery question, yes, I carry my battery in the RIS (but sour skittles was a good guess). It's a mosq. molds RIS, so it's designed to hold a mini battery in the upper part. Also my experience has been that an M4 RIS, which uses the delta ring etc., in other words not attached to the receiver and free floating, will not fit without modification on a M733. On mine I had to insert a rubber spacer between the front site and ring. Otherwise the RIS was too short to fit tightly. This is because the M733 handguards are just slightly longer than standard M4 guards.


Anyway hope some of that helps.


Oh and brilliant work Harry.




- CapaciousZepher



could you take me through the steps you had to do to fit the RIS on the Tm M733?? please include pics if possible? i am probably getting a UTG RIS from airsoft GI. do you think it will fit on the M733???

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Decided to get a little artistic with the paint scheme and applied some basic camouflage concepts. It's all freehand. I gave it a coat of finish so that it would last longer than an unfinished gun.


Colors: Krylon Camouflage Khaki, Olive Drab, and Brown.


As is typical, it looks better IRL than in this pic. I'll try getting some pics of it in natural light... when the snow melts... if I've not converted it into an EBR.

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Souske, your Carbine is sexy. How do you get that look about it? That is the most accurate, real steel looking M4 I have ever seen good job :D

Thanks! I'm not sure how it got to be like that. The paintjob is a couple months old, and it's seen use since then (thus the wear). I dummy tied everything one (sans the DMR optic). I guess because it doesn't seem to glamorous, it seems more "realistic?" Thanks for the comment though.

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