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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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Yeah that's puzzling me too.

BTW, P_R, very nice camo, looks DPMish. How did you get that effect?


You're right it does look a tad like DPM, I didnt notice that...


The effect is simple though, I used Flat Tan Krylon as a base, then stripes of Brown, then I used evergreen branches as stencils and sprayed over them with OD, and Brown. You also can spray over the OD with stencils, using brown to breakup the pattern more.

I may write a guide once I get a gun to paint :P


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I finally painted my m14.


I don't think it's finished yet, i'm going to do the heatshield and blend the stripes in a little more. Still not too bad considering i done it in the dark lol.










Sorry about the bad photos, camera phone and no light are to blame :P

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P_R, thanks for the answer. Sounds not too complicated...

msx361, at first I thought it looked bad, but when I saw the last one, it's actually very nice! Painting the handguard is definitely needed though.

newbkiller, that AK is sick! I love it... except for the pistol grip, but whatever floats your boat...

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Hello everyone,


My name's scorpion and I'm an airsoftoholic. I've been doing this for 6 years now and it's still as much fun as the day I bought a springer pistol. I figured I'd introduce myself in the section that best applies to my style of "collecting" AEGs.


I have a P90 as well, but right now she's only black so nothing special. As for the sisters you see below, they are my pride and joy.


The m4 is matt black and the pictures don't do it justice, it's sinful in person.


The mp5 was just done this evening, I think it turned out very nicely for only 2 hours of work.


Any and all comments are welcome, and I can answer any questions you may have with a PM.

















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Victory, the M14 was already OD i just dusted sand dune and black over the top of it, i was going to colour the whole thing, but i ran out of SD paint :( so i thought ild see what it looks like how i done it. Then as TheKurodaVagrant said i mask bits of the gun and sprayed a camo pattern with khaki, med brown and OD and bobs your mothers brother its was done.


Im still in two minds about it, its a bit grey in RL. I might get some more SD and start again. Still i guess its not too bad, i was expecting it to be a lot worse with the lack of light i had lol.

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Painted the hand guard and i bloody ran out of Khaki too, im not having much luck doing this m14 :(






So its finished for now, until i get some more paint. This is what it looks like.





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I do like it though, how was it done, Krylon Spray paint i assume?



Actually it's HS Camo spray semi-removable paint. I prefer this paint above others because I prefer a paint job to be "broken in" rather than pristine. As the weapon is used the paint chips off a little at a time and reveals the base parts underneath.


Some guys like it, most don't, but that's just me.

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