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Painted Weapons Picture Thread

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This was painted by an Airsoft friend, Morpheu from the Black Dragon Airsoft Team.


It's a short story!


A Morpheu's friend tryed to paint his gun, but in the end, he didn't like and aplly thiner to remove the paint!

The thiner "destroyed" several gun parts and he asks Morpheu's help!


Morpheu clenead the gun, made some repairs using fiber glass to fill the thiner destroyed parts, and painted again, with a fantastic result.



After the 1st repairs.




Then wash and dry.





Aplly the primary layer.




24 hours later, he made the rest... the final result:














Hope you like it!




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Hey vilonet assasin that looks great, altho i believe, id otn knwo how its possible tho that u have a longer supressor than G. Gordon had, im pretty sure his was fatter and a little bit shorter. But nice nonetheless.


I'll be getting up a pic of my M4 soon, altho i like my older PJ i had on it better :( oh well, tan and brown loos better on the crane stock.


edit: here ya go, ask for parts if u should want to know.....


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