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Let's see pics of your transport/storage set-up!

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I think this thread is a great idea :D.


Anyone know of a case manufacturer that makes cases which are quite deep and/or multi-layered? I need something that will store my G36C on one layer and a load of accessories for it in additional layer(s) (my G36 will eventually have enough parts to make most G36 variants and I'd like to fit it all in one case).


Also, does anyone use any cases for carrying airsoft guns that were designed for other purposes, by that I mean if you used say a toolbox for example, just anything that was not intended for carrying airsoft guns but works anyway :)

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Tell me you dont love it.

Lax you MUST BURN INFERNALLY! You have insulted the genius master (who probably makes hitmans cases)

Wha wha what ? XD

I just meant that multi parts sniper rifle + great looking transport setup = ownage

I instantly imagined myself on a roof, opening this and assembling the rifle to prepare action :)

No wonder I didn't congratulate the perfect handmade job from candyman since I did it every time he posted a pic in the others threads :P

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