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Let's see pics of your transport/storage set-up!

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I'm looking to purchase a Pelican 1750 soon. The case will be shared between two sets of weapons - G3SG/1 + M733 and G3A4 + M4A1. I'm not worried about the second setup, but the first has me concerned. I just tried a mock fit using measurements of the inside of the case and while I can fit everything, it is a tight fit, like so (the edge of the picture presents the case):




Would this arrangement work with the type of three-layer flat foam system supplied by Pelican?

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This is my VFC SCAR-L, Ares/STAR EGLM and all the assorted accessories that go with it. When i use the VFC case as a transport case, i typically wrap the smaller accessories in foam to prevent them from rattling around. Otherwise, teh VFC case is pretty good considering it came with the gun.


Ugh. I left the auto white balance on when i took this picture. Sucks.

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You know what you might want to do, just get a piece of foam and cut it contours of the cases storage space. Then stick it in there and close it, you shouldn't have to worry about any rattling.


Actually...that's a really good idea. I think i can pick some up at the local craft store. Thanks for the tip!

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My Pelican 1550 Gas Pistol Storage Case:






From Left to Right:

TM MEU w/ NOVA MEU Metal Body and Slide

KSC G34 w/ Boom Arms Shuey Custom Slide and Freedom Arts Sights

KSC G18C w/ PGC G18 Metal Slide and Outer Barrel

KWA G18C W/ PGC G18C Metal Slide and Outer Barrel

2x KSC G18 50 Round Magazines

2x Boxes of Speer Lawman 9mm Luger


2x TM MEU Magazines

7x KSC G17 Magazines

1x Insight M3 Flashlight.


The boxes Speer Lawman 9mm actually contain a couple bags of BBs of different eights, a pistol speed loader, gas adaptors for green and duster gas, and a TM MEU bushing wrench/loading tool.




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