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Let's see pics of your transport/storage set-up!

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Nah I dont think so.. It wasn't in his previous pics.. :o

Well that's what it is or similar; Pelican 1500D. Just because it wasn't it in a previous picture, where the foam was removed already for the pack, doesn't mean it isn't was it is, a desiccant silica gel pack.

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This how I store, my guns.


It's a dubble sided case, from Begadi. The foam is gut in small square shapes, så you just pull them out in the desired pathern.




Im still workin on the transport section since the case is quite large and heavy.

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Pre-skirmish setup:




Small bag:



ESS Profile and ESS ICE

Documents, money and phone



Big bag:




M4 CQB and AK 47S

Magazines for the AEGs


Pair of Talkabouts

Documents related to the AEGs


Nice but very bulky for public transport (bus to the site then train/bus back home)... Need a car, desperately.


See ya! []'s

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My 1600-series peli, didnt actually buy it myself, as I got it with my pee-tee-dub in a sweet deal.

Although it's an eyecatcher and probably THE safety way of transporting your equipment, I actually wouldn't recommend this setup to anyone (especially not to people with a ptw or ICS). Having to assemble disassemble the gun for transport is a pain. Aswell as getting the dirt, gathered in the foam, out of the gearbox.

It only fits my CQB only, so when I want to use my m4, I end up using a riflecase of bag cause the upper alone doesnt even fit the case.

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Excellent. Thanks. Do you remember the dimensions of the foam you ordered as I'm thinking about picking up one of those cases. Was it one piece for the lid, one piece for the cut out and another for the under layer?

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Ordered 3 bits, width 288mm, length 690mm, thickness 40mm. The top piece fits exactly at 40mm deep, but the bottom pieces really should only be 37mm deep each. I just cut 6mm off the whole of the bottom piece though. In hindsight, I would maybe have made the width and length dimensions a couple of mm's bigger for a snugger fit.

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Latest case for my TM Glock 17:





Genuine Glock pistol case, with the annoying top foam with cut out slot for paperwork replaced with the foam from the bottom, and new thicker foam made to go in there. With the new foam in the bottom, the pistol and magazines don't move at all in transit. The real steel Glock magazine loaders are perfect for protecting the airsoft Glock magazine outlet valves :)

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At last, somewhere to stick all my stickers:






I was going for that old leather guitar case look, you know the kind that some teenager inherited off his dad and it's got lots of dog eared stickers of peace symbols sitting at jaunty angles next to all the new logos of skate boarding brands. Gently transporting a well loved acoustic from place to place.


Mine of course houses guns and is plastered with hard-right american rhetoric and the logos of brands and companies which produce gear that helps rough guys kill bad people. Currently awaiting the newly released PTS sticker pack to turn up from EBB so I can add some funny propaganda about PMAGs curing various illnesses.

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