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1) Yes. The Magpul PTS M-Version PMAGs fit well in my Dboys PDW. 2) You will need a long-type motor. 3) Hopefully these will help...         -Ex

Sadly, the gearbox on my own PDW has decided to give up the the ghost, and now that I am getting ready to do a major replacement I am wondering  if there are anythings I need to bear in mind when selecting a box. 


I'm toying with a Systema Revolution but, not being a tech-head, I'm open to any and all advice any owner might have.

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Due to the fact the Prowin's mount onto the front of the gearbox it could be that you're feed nozzle is now sitting further forward into the actual unit itself.


Turn it upside down and look down the feed into the hop and see where the feed nozzle rests in-between shots. If it's sat too far forward it will not allow BB's into the chamber, which would give you the feed problems you're experiencing.

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It feeds when I hold it upside down and drop BBs in, its just when it's having to take them out of the mag it's a problem. Weird, but I can just drop in the old hop system until I figure this out or someone recommends the perfect hop unit and setup for these things *hint*


To which I should probably add: I don't think mine came with the stock unit so I'm free to experiment :V

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