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Walther WA2000 Build


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I need to take a bunch of pictures to get the thread up to date, but as of right now it just needs powder coat, rubber butt pad, some minor woodwork, and a few details refined. I just fired a few mags through it and will also get some chrono numbers after a trip to the store for a few new batteries. I should have it done Christmas day, 1 day late but the rubber and a last minute piece of aluminum wont be here till UPS shows in the morning.

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500 mm Prometheus.


I have some more pictures, although not all of the parts are in these they will have to do till I get back in the shop tomorrow.


Here are a few shots of the outer barrel coming to life on the big lathe:






And after a bit of milling the six flutes are added, and the end is threaded 14mm CCW female threads to receive a stainless steel threaded insert, guaranteeing long thread life for this gun:




I also got the adjustable butt pad finished up, the rubber was much easier to work with than I was anticipating:










Here it is partially assembled, cocking handle and bolt release are on it now but need some detailing. The wood is also taking shape nicely:







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Here is a shot from the parts list of the real steel mag well area:




And here is a shot of the major components of the airsoft version:




Also a few extra shots of it assembled:








Here is a major components shot from the original WA2000 owners manual:




And again the airsoft version:



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Sorry for the double post, it wouldn't let me edit.


I am happy with the fit of the wood now, I just need to clean it all up, and get the details on. Here is a mock up with no internals, just the external parts and the wood:






It weighs 9.2 pounds without the pistol and barrel in it.

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God I wish that I had your skills with lathes and mills. I have access to the tools but I dont know didly S##T about using them.



Your lucky to have the access, so whenever the need arises, someone would be able to help you out with it. Better than nothing at all ya know? :P

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Here are some more shots of the parts as I get them powder coated, I hope to start final assembly tomorrow.






Some almost finished wood, the texture of the finish is a bit rough in these pictures because it has not been sanded yet, some sanding and one more coat should finish them up. You can see the stippling on the fore grip and the front of the thumb hole area as well as the rear of the stock.





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I will happily eat crow - the project turned out far different than I expected and much better. My hat's off to you, I am an idiot.



No, you're a skeptic ;) .


Anyways, he are almost done and it's looking great. I litterlally can not wait.

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The more I see of this, the more I'm hating waiting for my Milling machine to be up and running :P


I presume you used thick-wall tubing for the outer barrel Dobey (I.e. you didn't bore it out of a solid bar)?

Did it machine OK without a travelling steady?

Looking great, how much is the powder coating costing all together?

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