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What's on your Christmas Wishlist, 2008?


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I'm having crimbo early this year. I.e. Tomorrow. :D


WIN ON PARENTS WORKING! Plus it gives me time to get relative presents for my relatives in the next week - i don't wanna buy a set of iraqi throwing shoes for my bro, when all he gives me is an iPod.. Those things cost SERIOUS MONIES. FBI bought them all for testing.

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This year I are be mostly wanting a 320gb 2.5" sata hard drive.

Other than that theres not much else I want. I was going to ask for new camo or maybe an OD pantac 'sach but I dont really need them yet. Maybe in the new year.


I would like an ipod or any sort of mp3 really and also a 21mm carb would be nice :D

8gb Nano ftw.

30+ hours battery life and more than enough memory.

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Hmm, this year IDK what I'll get for Christmas but thier are several things I want......



- Helmet stuff (NVG mount, suspension, goggle reten., etc.)

- Eagle or Pantac MAP (sadly, it would be the latter)

- TD VFG, TD Railcovers, new PEQ, KA LaRue AP mount, G&P Crane Stock

- Belleville or Bates boots


- EI Horzontal Utility Pouch

- EI FSBE-2 Shingle

- Pantac PACA

- EI A-III Ruck in any color

- Large Fixed Blade Knife (Gerber LMF or SOG SEAL Pup Elite)

- Ruger Mini-14 or really any medium caliber semi-automatic rifle

- A Light Weight, Collapsable Propane Camp Stove


I really don't care what I get, anything from that list would be more then acceptable.

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