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What's on your Christmas Wishlist, 2008?


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I've been lucky enough to get most of my stuff early this year, basically as I had to order it myself as soon as I mentioned what I wanted no-one had any idea what half of it was. Anyway, here's what I was extremely lucky to get this year


Warrior RICAS M4 Compact in OD

Warrior OD Duty Belt

Warrior OD rollup dump pouch

Propper ACU Trousers and Shirt

Condor Fleece Cap in OD

Sage Nomex Flight Gloves

OD Subdued Union Flag Patch

ICS RIS system for M4


So basically a new loadout. I'll probably get the odd book or two as well come Christmas.


I also could do with a new immune system, damn colds, chest infections and pneumonia have stopped me from playing for the last 3-4 months. Just fondling my guns and staring at my gear is starting to get to me <_<



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A sane girlfriend would be nice. ^_^



no chance bud, they dont exist :P every woman in the world is as mad as a box of frogs, including mine...


on topic, i got some of my pressies early.


a boatload of laylax bits for my L96 :D


come christmas eve, i can now put a .36 into santa from over 80 metres away if he doesnt dish out stuff to my liking!

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