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ARES PGM more pics and details


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above 1500usd


you can see it as a pre order on some sites. the down payment is 1500 or something.


damn sexy gun. id rather the Cheytac m200 though.


I have searched and seen many of pre-oder(except in Japan) but only on evike has total price pre-oder for 1400 USD but only M200 not PGM lol



I've seen in Japanese websites the cheapest M200 is about 181,xxx JPY

and retailed is about 32x,xxx JPY totally insane price I think.


My friend in Hongkong told me M200 will be only 300 pieces limited and the retailed price is about 9,xxx HKD But he has no detail about PGM.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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