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Pics of your Gear

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Picked up a Casio G-Shock G-100-1BV yesterday. Lovely watch, fits great and weighs nothing. That being said it is actually rather small, and if it weren't for the brand I'd have reservations about it's durability. Might pick up a Mudman next, see how I like it in comparison.



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Nice watch, I have the exact same one sitting here for a team mate, picked up a load of G-shocks of varying design through work for team mates, that and the mudman aren't really all that different in size, both great watches for the price.

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First chance I've had to try out my Flimmuur Tactical SMG TACOs.  The MP7s are a bit tricky to insert but that's why we have dump pouches.  Work an absolute treat other than that.


TM MP7 - KWA Extended Glock - TM Extended 1911.




If you ever use a MOLLE/Battle belt of some kind, you need one of these for your trousers.  J-Tac Custom low-pro belt.




It's literally just a strip of Crye MC jacquard webbing, ITW looploc, a bit of hook and a bit of MC loop.  I'd previously used an ATS Warbelt insert with the QR buckle replaced by a Tri-glide and that worked quite well, but this is even lower profile, much cheaper and available in patterns.

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This is my gear. :)










- Arc'teryx RHO cap

- Peltor Comtac 2*

- ESS ICE naro

- Shemag

- Deerhunter shirt

- SPEC-OPS riggersbelt

- Tru-Spec pants

- Salomon 4D GTX

- *suitcasey*-*albatross* Mechanix-wannabe gloves (wrecked after a few times fastroping)  :(


1st. line:


- Warrior PLB belt

- Warrior double DA pistol mag. pouch

- Eagle FB pouch

- Warrior M4 pouch

- Maxpedition dumppouch

- Unknown 40mm grenadepouch for holding my CAT

- Flyye grenade pouch (used as a mini IFAK/boo-boo kit)

- Safariland ALS holster (MC-wrapped) on an MLS platform

- Multitool/lightpouch with SF G2 LED


2nd. line


- Warrior DCS

- Warrior small utility

- Unknown 40mm grenadepouch holding my CAT

- TT triple M4 mag. pouch

- BFG tenspeed tripple

- Eagle M4 FB pouch

- Warrior utility (on my back)

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Here's one of my kits (working on building two completely different loadouts, at the same time), a never ending WIP, but might as well post it =/






-HELMET: Opscore Ballistic*, Manta*, V-Lites*, Wilcox arm*, PVS 15's*, Ferro HCW, Contour HD, PT Charge MPLS
-Oakley Carbon M Frames


- 2nd LINE: Ferro FCPC, ferro front insert pouch, ferro wingman pouch, Motorola GP 68 , ferro fast mag pouch, DIY Slap charge and pouch, diy bolt cutters pouch, bolt cutters, CAT tourn., V-lite, US Flag patch
-AOR1 Combat shirt*
-Casio G shock GA 110
-Mechanix Orig. gloves
-Ferro Garmin Pouch


-1st LINE: Leather belt, Blade Tech Holster (with drop hip panel), Glock 18*, Retention Lanyard, Ferro multitool pouch
-AOR1 Combat Pants*
- Salomon X Ultra GTX


-FCC 416 PTW
-Aimpoint T1* (getting replaced with an EOTech XPS 2)
-KAC Flip up irons*
-Surefire M600c w/pressure pad
-Gear Sector Hand Stop*
-AAC comp*
-Magpul MOE Grip
-Magpul Ladder Rail Covers

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assault shields? :(... oh man. I have such bad experience with those... :(


It's an accurate replica of the Russian FORT VANT-VM shield that sees a ton of modern use with Russian Federal Security Forces. Our replica weighs close to 35lbs, so while it has the potential to be abused, there is at least a huge disadvantage to carrying it. 

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It also sucks for the people lighting you up and not counting cause you have a giant shield


That's the point? It's really not hard to die even with carrying that thing. My feet are generally exposed while moving, and our flanks are wide open in the stack. We're using this for scenario games, not to be THE BEST BB WARS TEAM EVER or anything dumb like that. We could give a *fruitcage* less about winning. 

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Awesome, heroschark... Really like it! 

DesetFox: My experience is with a shield blocking a doorway,reducing the function of the doorway to a mere window.

You cannot shoot it, you cannot knife it and as a result the whole game stalls because the bottleneck is closed.

Also, it was made of a sheet of plexiglass, which you cannot see well. So you're shooting and shouting ' take the damn hits' when you see your target crouching.

Than a marshal told me he "could have a riot shield". 


And no, I will not buy grenades just so I can defeat a riotshield.


In any case, It's nice to hear that you made an accurate replica which hold the manoeuvrability in account. 

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