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Pics of your Gear

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UR-Tac coming through with the goods, as per.  Fast Response:




3D Battles:




Never hurts to have one more cap.




Not sure I'll ever wear it because my MSM and Arc'teryx hats are infinitely better designed, but it's one of those cheaper little bits you always end up adding to an order from a foreign country seeing as you're already paying the shipping anyway.

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Here is my African Loadout in its three variations. Its based of the Mercenaries from Angola in the 1980s although could possibly be a clandestine SADF loadout from the Border/Bush War


Version 1







Version 2







Version 3







Kit List:



French para boonie "Leopard" camo (repro)

Scrim Scalf

Portuguese Lizard Camo Shirt

British Olive Lightweight Trousers

Lowa Patrol boots (only non kosher bit)



M83 SADF Battle Jacket w/ 58 patt poncho and Kenyan Massai Knife

M83 SADF Chest Webbing dated 1986

M83 SADF Rucksack dated 1982 (this was used by 44para in the Bush War then went out to Iraq in the 90's with some Mercs so it has a bit of history)



ICS Galil ARM, will be turned into the SADF R4 when I can afford the parts from SA

TM Colt Python .357 6" (not pictured)

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Nickona, kit looks great, obviously from 83 onward though....


if you watch a seller on ebay named animalfromhell he has some French, Portuguese, Belgian, and SADF unis that pop up every now and again. I also just ordered some M56 belgian stuff from the congo war period from varusteleka for dirt cheap.

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Start of my 1972 22nd SAS Operation Storm kit. Chest rig is not photographed but things like it have been described in texts I have been reading, same with the claymore bag.


Portuguese Lizard camo top (smock is pictured in several photographs, camo tops are discussed)

1970s era Brit issue OD lightweight trousers (may be later issue but tag is worn and cut appears to be correct)

Palladium Pampas in Army green

old ANZAC issues flop hat

pattern 63 chest rig

M18 Claymore bag


Weapons L1a1

Mag 58 in the background (working on a gunners kit too)



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Tell me you're on the others this year. I don't wanna come face to face with that in a dark and creepy section of rhodie bush.

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My gear for a 24 hour game. I want to do an exploded view but UPS is taking their time getting me the last contents of the pack.


HSP D3CR. Ares XII pack. Emdom belt. Protec Alpha. CA M4s.

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I spent about 18 months building this kit only to then play two games in and go "Nah, I fancy something else...". My geardoism is now taking me down the impression route (at least with regards to Multicam kit), but this loadout was just a free build with heavy Mil./realism influence.



Crye AC Combat Shirt
Crye AC Combat Trousers w/ Airflex Knee Pads
Blackhawk! Riggers Belt
Platatac LD Pouch (Multicam)
Mechanix Original Gloves (Black/White)
Casio G-Shock G-100-1BV
Aku NS564 (Desert)

Warrior DCS
- Warrior Double NSR Mag Pouch (1x Single, 1x Double)
- Warrior MBITR Pouch w/ Spartan Tactical PRC-148 Shell (real U183 connector) & Remote Aeriel
- Platatac Tear-Off IFAK Pouch
- PIG 2L Hydration Pouch w/ Source 2L Bladder
*IR Union Jack, Perroz Designs 3M Callsign Patch, C.A.T.

Motorola XTN446
GWS Silynx C4ops w/ Emerson Motorola 2-pin connector

Heroshark Custom Half-Face Mesh Mask
ESS Advancer V12 Goggles w/ Heroshark Custom Mesh Lenses

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Here's my LBT-6094a and MICH2001 with an assortment of gear. Sometimes I may have my Glock in a SafariLand 6004 and some magazines to that, and usually I have a dump pouch, but all of that goes on my belt. If anyone wants a kit list then I'll add that, you just need to ask.






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I'm on the left. NSW inspired loadout... the full aor1 road is too crowded, so as a team we're adopting aor1 pants and MC shirt and gear. I'm losing the black duty belt and swapping it for a rigger's belt. Then it's just a few bits and bobs and I'll call it done. I might add a helmet down the road. 



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Finally got my Heat semi-impression gear. (Have smaller stuff left, as ataching protecting metal net for eyes.)




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