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Pics of your Gear

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The start of something new:  Crye cut US Woodland's from Dragonred.





Flyye 6094 (needs a few more pouches)




TM Sig P226 in Blackhawk serpa with BHI duty belt.




I'm waiting on a few pouches to finish the vest off.  I plan to keep it to only what I need and to eventually replace the duty belt with a blast belt and to get an FMA bump helmet.

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It's cool, 6094s in AOR always feature a secret lip gloss pocket so you'll be sorted for all those nightclub selfies.  :cookiemonster:


Like to say a big thanks to @renegadecow for making me this superbly fitted cordura-on-leather belt holster.  It fits my TM S70s beautifully and smells like fresh wood shavings.  Ideal.





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HeadOn Tactical Modified 4 Mag AK/ M4 Chest Rig with a single M4 Mag Pouch, Triple Pistol Mag Pouch, TT Tourniquet Pouch, and a couple of kydex banger pouches. All mag pouches use kydex inserts for retention.


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