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Pics of your Gear

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Freakin awesome loadout, Red5!



Gotta agree with Stormbreaker on that.


Cheers lads! :D


Red5 what pants are in this picture?







They look like the old british OD lightweight pants. Though i could be mistaken.





They are indeed an old pair of 1980's lightweight trousers as the repro 44 pattern ones I bought were far too large!


Webbing is a mix of Brit 44 & 58 and US M56 (repro of that worn my my father in Oman)

Shirt is a genuine British Jungle shirt 1960's era

Boots are repro WW2 USGI desert boots

Cut down bush hat

M203 bandoleer & Claymore bag

Systema PTW 2008 MAX with G&P M203 (Sorry it's an A3!!)

Watch and dog tags are original

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Couple more from the other set....



1980's Para smock (No badges or rank)

Lightweight trousers

58/44 webbing

Beret and cap badge (entitled to wear this)

Scrim scarf

black leather gloves

boots and twists


Star L1a1 SLR and sling (not wrapped about my wrist)


The webbing in this set is made up from...

58 Yoke, Belt,compass & ammo pouches.

2x 44 canteen pouches, 44 bino pouch & 44 ammo as an E&E

FFD taped to Yoke

Edited by Red5

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Looks great red5 very northern irelandish. what cap badge have you got i your beret i cnat see it in your pics?



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Pkekyo-Nor - I want one of those smocks more than life itself! Where can I get one?




Jakke, Baja SMOCK, NYKO, str. L, N-Kamo

Item # 951185-L-NK

NOK 1722.00



Got *fruitcage*-all idea if they'll ship it abroad or not though.

Think you'd be better off contacting them before just ordering out of the blue...




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It's not that Norwegian gear is so expensive... All you other countries are just poor! :P


Really though. It's a bit on the pricey part (but then again, 750 NOK for a regular M2000 shirt), but it's by far worth it as far as the practicalities and the workmanship on it goes.

- As with most Norwegian gear.


I'd be happy to pay more, frankly. Although I don't mind not to ;)

Edited by Pkekyo-Nor

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Crunchy: Just input the following into the search field and you'll get right to it:




It's not water proof, but it seems to me it would be very water resistant.

During persistant heavy rain it's going to give in eventually, but in 'regular' weather it should be able to keep you dry for a couple of hours.

Basicly, it seems like just a heavier version of the M2000 field jacket (which also has an impressive resistance to water)


Keep in mind though, it is just NyCo fabric. Thoug it is a heavy weight NyCo fabric, it's still just NyCo.


There is however a Kermel/Viskose version that I believe is supposed to be either very water resistant or maybe even water proof, but I can't really tell you.

I've been told it's noisy as hell though...





If I were you, I would just email NFM and say you were interested in buying one of their Baja smocks in NyCo (you can choose from the following colors: Khaki, Navy Blue, Norwegian Forest Camo, Norwegian Desert Camo, Black), and ask wether or not it is at all possible.





In regards to weather resistance etc... I haven't actually tested it full yet, but I can allready tell you that I am completely confident that it will serve me well as a jacket for use the entire winter here in Norway :)

Edited by Pkekyo-Nor

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Thanks a bunch for the help. I hope it has decent water-proofness. Hmm.... Washington rains have a way of soaking through just about everything. Either way I must have one. They look so damn cool.


I wonder how it looks with MC bottoms......

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I feel for you :(

Start up your own team and run the hottest camo out there! (Yes, the Norwegian Lyng-3 pattern!)


Oh, and a mate of mine insisted I get an on-body shot of the Baja and my new NFM 3-hole Balaclava, so here goes.

Please do excuse the myspace-esque photography.



Ignore the pants, had just gotten home from work :)

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