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Pics of your Gear

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i agree that theyre much more common (i'd imagine even more so since all the photos i based the choice on were taken), but the pot also goes with my eastern bloc stuff and i do see them mixed in here and there e.g.




i know from lurking that youve got lots of first hand experience but untill I can get a plate carrier to bring it more up to date i'm going to keep the steel. besides thats one of the only things stopping it looking completely gulf war at the moment.


@Isamu people who want bulbs to last for more than two days i guess :D

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No, no ;) It's my CQB gear which is inspired by a few police unit ;) (only inspiration - not

reenactment :))

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Jdizzle is that an Eagle split front multi purpose chest rig??



Where and how did you get one?


It's actually the DEVGRU issued LBT 1961A-R kit. You were definitely close though, as the chest rig itself was copied by Eagle almost down to the last thread and renamed the Split-Front. smile.gif

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As everyone and their mum seems to be doing american looks and i wanted to fit in but at the same time be different i went for a post-invasion Iraqi Army look. i know its not all there but its primarily for skirmishing and those plate carriers are like hens teeth.






kitlist on request.


Is that a real steel AK variant? If not, where did you get one with that type of hand guard?

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thats an Iraqi Tabuk AR i made out of a cyma AKM, its pretty much an M70 but without the grenade sight gas block, took some custom to get it on there though.

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I waiting for:


- EOTech 552 replica

- A few pouch

- New gloves :>

- OPS Combat Battle Shirt (black)

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Some reason, I'm ditching my plate carriers for an ALICE or ALICE type loadout.....Am I going nuts?





-Eagle DFLCS Flashbang pouch (CTS Flashbang real)

-Eagle DFLCS Triple Rifle pouch (Love this. padded and divider)

-Eagle DFLCS LBE Single pouch 2x

-Eagle DFLCS Canteen Pouch (would have had two but an egay *albatross* gave me a NVG insert instead of a Canteen pouch)

-Eagle DFLCS Frag Pouch


-Pantac Medic (going to replace with DFLCS M60 or just regular M60)

-PPI Buttpack

-BHI Double Pistol Mag Pouch



I have another DFLCS flashbang but deciding where to put it, maybe in the back.


Need to find another Canteen pouch and a Frag.....Hopefully I can win on ebay for SUPA Cheap!

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Which utility pouch would you have in mind?










I have the first one and while I have substituted it in my main loadout (dont need much carrying space) it can carry a nice ammount of items and pantac quality is perfect for airsoft, the other two pouches are other suggestions in case the first one doesnt fit your needs :)


I would suggest http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Combat_Gear_Pouches_Attachments_Pantac_Molle_1_75L_Hydration_Pouch_OD_Cordura.htm too, to use the back molle and as extra water supply for hot or long gaming days






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Am bored today so I decided to take a pic of most of my rigs


SDS Mich 2002 w/ ANVIS stuff

Protec ACE w/ ANVIS stuff


Paraclete HPC w/ BHI Admin

Paraclete Concealment Cut Carrier

Paraclete RAV

-Paraclete Medium GP

-2x Paraclete M4

-Paraclete MBITR

-Paraclete pistol quad

-Paraclete Assault backpanel

Paraclete FLC

-Paraclete SOF MED pouch

-Paraclete Canteen

-2x Paraclete M4

-Paraclete MBITR

-Paraclete pistol double


-3x Paraclete flashbang

-Paraclete Pistol quad

Toy Soldier AWS Strike Vest


VTAC Upper


1911 w/ 610R

G19 w/ x300

BladeTech G19 holster

BladeTech 1911 holster

Safariland 6004 for 1911


Some Paraclete items may actually be MSA-Paraclete but I was too lazy to check them.

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