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Pics of your Gear

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Some reason, I'm ditching my plate carriers for an ALICE or ALICE type loadout.....Am I going nuts?



Nice to see somebody else rocking the H-Harness :D


I've been building one (base is an EI SFLCS H-Harness) for the past couple weeks now and I'm just waiting for pouches to show up now.

Once they're all here I'll have (L-R);

-Double AK/M4 magazine pouch

-100rnd SAW pouch

-Bayonet frog

-Canteen/Utility pouch

-General Purpose butt pack

-Hydration pouch

-Canteen/Utility pouch

-200rnd SAW pouch

-Double AK/M4 magazine pouch


Some tweaks to ensue, and the pouches should be arriving in the next couple weeks.

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Not that much in my kits to be honest. It is pretty an East meet West case of kit.


AK replica setup:

Modified Chicom

Russian sling

Double kydex AK74 magazine pouch (to be obtain)

4x 30rnd AK74 magazines (to be obtain)

2x 20rnd AK74 magazines (to be obtain and fabricated)


AR replica setup:

Tactical Tailor Mini Mav

-TT Triple 5.56 Shingle pouch

-Emdom Pistol pouch

-Emdom CQB Pistol pouch

-Milspec Monkey Velcro panel

Viking Tactics Padded sling w/ QD sockets

ICE Tactical Double 5.56 Quickdraw pouch

Emdom Pistol pouch with a kydex liner

6x Magpul PTS Pmag with Ranger Plate


Items used for both:

PACA LowVis soft armor carrier

Outdoor Research Longbow gloves

Skedco Cobra Buckle Combat Utility belt

Raven Concealment System holster for Tokyo Marui G17 with Streamlight TLR1 C4

4x Tokyo Marui G17 magazines

Surefire Earpro

ITW Aqua Marine whistle

Tactical Branded Hat

Batuca Battery Case


Possible items to possibly obtain:

Rigger belt with Cobra buckle

Electronic Ear Protection

Spare pair of gloves


As you can see, the AK setup is a lot more simple than the AR setup. Pictures of AR when I get some foam.

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Or that. I didn't know how to word it- but what you said is what I meant. I'm having a hard time with sentences.














I think someone drugged me.

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Put these in the acu thread but thought i would post here too. Hoping to get a team photo all with similar setups at a milsim on sunday.









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Almost finished my webbing, just waiting on mag pouches from my buddy, should be here shortly.


L-R; SAW 100rnd pouch, bayonet, canteen/GP pouch, butt pack, canteen/GP pouch, SAW 200rnd pouch.


The butt pack is attached to the bottom of the hydro carrier and the rear belt panel.

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me at this weekends event

*slice n' dice*

Liking that a lot, bit of old meets new is always good. How solid is the WAS pack hooked on to the chest rig with the thin straps like that? I've contemplated getting a setup like that a few times because I require a camelbak with any sort of rig I use, never been able to find out if it really works in practice though.

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Thanks, at first I thought Blackhawk CRCH because of integrated pouches and zipper, but then the buckles didn't match. So I looked at a pic of ATS rigs, but again no match. Last ditch was the SOE rig because of the zipper and I figured I was wrong and maybe the pouches weren't integrated.

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cheers guys.


all the MOLLE gear im using is WARRIOR. the rig is a D.A.R which i recently purchased so it was being field tested.

the combination with the WAP and the D.A.R is brilliant, the straps tuck in well, the D.A.R needs a little adjustment to prevent it digging into my underarms altho it was very comfortable. i don't like the thought of going out on the field without the WAP if its strapped to my RICAS or on straps. it goes everywhere with me and then some.


i HIGHLY reccomend the warrior D.A.R very functional, however a slight drawback is that the 7.62 mags are a little bit of a pain to load up on the rig.

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