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My first load out pics in about 6 years...way better than my last one's













In Western New York, we have a setup world for our game play called Roshambodia....long story but, my deal this year is sort of a dirty Russian Mercenary working for the dictatorship of Roshambodia,

I'd like to call it a Russian Merc in Roshi, kit list:

Echo1 Redstar AKM

British Soldier 95 DPM top

East German 4 cell AK belt pouch

Calvin Klein Jeans

Condor Shemagh in ACU colors

Antique Camelbak MULE

Condor Dump Pouch

Utility MARPAT mechanix gloves

Dickie's sunglasses

Altama OP:Oasis hikers


Still to come:

PBS 1 for AKM

Korbra Red Dot

NJRogers Paracord sling


Jester Kydex holster for TT-33


First load out in awhile I've been really proud of!

Sorry I couldn't block out my face but meh...it's only the interwebz....lol!

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Between these, my Arc'teryx hat and my Crye t-shirt I am literally the most gucci operator in the country. That isn't really saying much of course...


Trialling the Padded VCAS with the L85 on an 18 mile tab next week, hopefully should work quite nicely.

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My Stalker (Loner) kit.

Tried to get something like this http://www.giery.eu/files/u2342/stalker.jpg





















Zone survival kit:




Original photos by Mike:










- Gorka-4

- NVA wool toque

- Fingerless leather gloves

- WW2 Fallschirmjager knee pads

- Czech M90 boots


- NVA GP-5 gas mask


- CCCP rubberized webbing belt

- CCCP rubberized suspenders

- CCCP AK-47 mag pouch

- CCCP grenade pouch

- CCCP canteen with cover

- CCCP Veshmeshok rucksack

- NVA MPiKM/AKM bayonet

- CCCP first aid bandage


- SA-INT gas mask bag

- CCCP flare

- CCCP first aid kit

- Steiner 8x30 binoculars

- Yukon Ranger 5x42 night vision monocular

- Weird CCCP "pilot" watch

- Rabbit foot

- Bolts and nuts

- Canned food

- 50cm gas mask spare hose

- Vodka


- AKS74U

- CCCP AK-47 sling

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I like that MC rig setup (6094?). I think you've hit on that combination of colours that's just random enough to look cool and SF'y. It's a very fine line to walk.

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