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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Update on my Reble loadout from page 11. If you dont remember it/cba to go to page 11 then its basicly a Pheonix Connexion loadout from the game Counter Strike:




All thats missing now is my denim shirt :)

(Yes, don't quote pics, but I was doing it to show my loadout next to his.)

Heh, I did the same thing for holloween. Yours came out great!




Shoop job by titleist :)

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evansy what vest is that? looks pretty much what Ive been looking for

That's just a black PACA

Yup its a black PACA. Its made by Pantac. Its not quite as nice as the KA PACA (I have one in tan) but KA dont make black ones.

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ACU loadout in progress. Its not finished but this is shall we say the foundations :)





Army ACU Under Armour

Army ACU Trousers

Oakley Pilot Gloves

ACU Kneepads

LOWA Desert Elite Boots

ACU Molle Blast Belt

BULLE ACU Interceptor Armour

Warrior Tan Pouches + Hydration Pack

ESS Glasses

Revision Desert Locust Goggles

ACU Helmet Cover + Replica PASGAT

G&P M4 Special Forces.

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This is the loadout that i use in my last skirmish. This is my first post in this section, please be gentle. Greetings!!!!


No googles as i just was posing. The kneepads left in my bag, i forgot to put on for the photshoot.




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DA heavy loadout. Not something you walk around in the woods with.


Up front we have:


Four para double M4 mag pouches

DBT admin

EI M60

EI Canteen/GP

Paraclete Mbitr, under helmet, is empty till i get a TS shell to fill it.




On the back:

Paraclete hydration

Paraclete quad fold medical

Paraclete promask with MCU2A/P mask

Paraclete five banger with 4 MK141 FB's {inert}

TCI mast, on loan from Titleist... ;) so's I can pirate them in mass









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I like this rig. It allows me to run circles around the enemy and takes barrel rolls to a whole new level.


3x Paraclete M4 double

1x Paraclete I-forget-what-but-I-use-it-for-radio pouch (GPS maybe?)

1x Paraclete canteen / GP pouch

1x LBT nut sack pouch





-The Petzl gloves ROCK. They are realllly soft, very dexterous, and breathable as hell.

-Radio and canteen are tied down

-Glow sticks are in a sub optimal position as they can fall out when you've drawn the mags but I've tied them down to prevent loss. Still trying to figure out the best way to place those.

-Turniquate works great there. I just loop 1 part of the strap over the velcro and it's secure yet draws fast.

-Very comfortable, no need for shoulderpads

-With the addition of a small camelback pack this would be my long range, extended operations rig.

-Balanced very well.

-Need a better multi-tool








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I like how their stuff isn't overly reinforced. It's just single layer, not double, triple, etc. I kind of love and hate the inner elastic dividers in the mag pouches though, it's annoying sometimes when reinserting the mags but nice to keep the mags tight in the pouch when you've only got 1 in there.

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