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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Ahha thank yah guys, there is actually a few photos here  .. but the great gods of cool story bro told me to not spam all 5 images on to the board xD http://www.sosayweall.co.uk/post/79454894292/i-did-a-little-indoor-studio-shoot-the-other-day


Lolol but the bottom button hides my lil sticking out bit of my tummy ;___; XDDD

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faramon, you just need to open up an airsoft field with a store (and bar) that is just staffed with such dapperness as you have shown.  That blows the water out of anything I have ever seen done locally.


On an off-topic note, why have I forgotten to keep with your blog?  So much win there.

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My current 'airsofter' kit, running dual comms with a Puxing PX-888 for communicating within my team as well as a Motorola Talkabout for communicating with others in a platoon at events. This is still pretty work in progress, its been kinda haphazardly assembled over the past few months. Wishlist includes making the CQBR into a full Block 1 or 1.5, a VTAC or Way of the Gun sling, a Source ILPS bladder, a better war belt (Eagle RLCS?), better dump pouch, BFG Ten-speed for the front, and pouches that match. It’s worked pretty well for me so far, though. Kitlist on request

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And this one, with fictional caption, LOL





LOS ANGELES, CA.- LAPD SWAT officer during training exercise on the Angeles National Park. As part of the Counter Terrorist Task Force, LAPD, together with FBI SWAT, from LA office, and LASD Special Enforcement Bureau, has participated on a massive manhunt training exercise on the woods of the Angeles National Park, in order to improve tactics and protocols for this kind of mission, after the CD incident last year.


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Ops Core Base Jump Helmet

Night Evolution helmet led light

Element Strobe light

Skull half mask



Condor Summit softshell

Condor Molle chest rig

Condor Gadget Pouch

Condor Single Pistol Mag Pouch

Condor mag dump pouch

Condor Shotgun Shell Platform

Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Quad MP7 Mag Pouch

Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Double Pistol Pouch

Admin pouch ACM



5.11 tactical belt

Vertx Tactical Pants "Kryptek Typhon"

Alta knee pads

Blackhawk Serpa drop leg holster

Viking Anaconda III GTX (to be replaced)

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CSOR loadout's getting there. I estimate about 80% done.

Replica Mich 2001 standing in for a Rabintex ACH 3 (I'm waiting for a Rabintex Attack) with CADEX NV mount and petzl tactikka.

CP gear OTW shirt. 

LBT 6094A with:
TAG 6x shingle.
TT admin pouch.
Paraclete double frag pouch.
Paraclete MBITR.
Paraclete 3x 9mm.
Paraclete small GP/IFAK.
WAS fold-up dump pouch.

Invader Gear crye copy cadpat trousers.

Mechanix gloves.

Kydex holster.

Still to get:

Blackhawk hydration pouch.
Paraclete breacher pouch.
'anada flag.
3x Large bang pouch instead of the double frag for 3x dynatecs.
Swapping the petzl for a surefire helmet light.
Rabintex Attack XL helmet.

Pictures courtesy of Jon Kemp Media

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