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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Realism isnt really something that happens at the average Sunday afternoon walk on game over here, I've played against a 14 year old who dressed up as General Patton and side by side with a Scot in a kilt with support from a ww2 german para in snow camo.


Dan gets a little crazy on the trigger, but we love him!


I prefer more serious games/sites, but the rest of our guys just want a laid back day out to blow off steam.


Any, back on topic





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Have you suggested competitive paintball? Might be a better fit for him, if the realism aspect isn't too important. :)

That, or Danish airsoft...that stuff is pretty much indistinguishable from paintball :P


25k is excessive to say the least but if he isn't breaking site rules why not let him play how he likes? Such is the joy of airsoft :)

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Exactly. I once burnt through over 18,000 rounds over a 45 minute game. Lol. For my bb container, I used one of them them plastic 2qt canteens and a one quart canteen. That was 7 years ago when I actually drove out for ops. Lol


I don't know how this was glossed over.. 18,000 in 45 minutes?! That's 6 rounds a second for every single second..... you sir .. are *THE WORST* kind of airsofter. That high ROF/High Cap monster, my jimmies are officially rustled.

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Great looking kit as ever Extra,

Do you find the D3CR straps sit a little oddly, too far apart?



Oh boy, yes.


I've actually started crossing the straps into an x-harness. The cross section bulges out a little at the back, but it is comfortable and fits a lot better.


I also wasn't a fan of the Foliage Green shock cord they used on the Ranger Green D3CR. So, I started replacing it all with Coyote Brown shock cord until I ran out. Should have some more next week to finish it up.



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I have massive shoulders so I never noticed the wide straps.


Been awhile since I posted gear, I just like good pictures of my stuff. Haha. I am 100% happy with the D3CR and do not plan to buy any other chest rig again. It fits every need I have. (I'll be using it for real gun training to.) I like the worn/paint rubbed-off-a-bit look so why I did not paint over it.


Inspired by Travis Haley's Black Powder Red Earth photos.

-Haley Strategic D3CR (With HSP Utility Expansion)

-G-Code OSH holster with drop mount. (I call it the cowboy mount)

-VFC HK416 (AMP Micro Dot,Element Short barrel extension,Dytac Geissele SMR rail,Haley Strategic Thorntail Light Mount, INFORCE APL HSP edition,IWC Handstop)

-KWA HK45(Shooters Design Slide and Barrel. Will most likely start using my VFC M&P9 more seeing I own a real M&P9)

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Some new gear :)

Rabintex Attack replica courtesy of a russian CSOR re-enactor and Heroshark, with Ops Core H harness, a mix of helmet pads, real CADEX NVG mount and Petzl Tactikka +.








Also acquired a 6005 shroud for my Safariland, and bolted on a SOG Seal pup knife as seen in one of my ref pics. The Sig 226 is fitted with an extended mag, real Surefire X300U and DG pressure switch.







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