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Did not know they were doing a rig like that.  Checked out the site a little while ago after someone on the 'tube did a review, really liking their selection and range of customisation (which is truly vast).  Also they do RTi connection which is a bit of a sticking point for me personally with a lot of holster brands.


What do you think so far?

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Absolutely fantastic, retention is adjustable, it is rock solid and doesn't move at all on my leg. I switched out the short malice clips for long ones as I'm long limbed and the supplied length would ride too close to my waist for my liking.


But other than that it's superb. I'm planning on sticking some small bolts through the malice clips just above the kydex to create a smaller "belt loop" but with the supplied clips that wouldn't be an issue.



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That's a clever setup for sure.  I'll give them a go whenever I get my next holster.


Here's the most recent kydex I picked up.



Left is for an M&P with X300u and threaded barrel, right is G17 with APL.  Both light/no light compatible.

 How does the VFC M&P fit in the Kydex? My WE 1911's finish got eaten by the OTG holster, not sure how good the VFC finish holds up. I have a Raven Concealment for my real M&P (with APL) but needs to be broken in before I test the airsoft one in it.


Been using the Blade-Tech holster that came with my real M&P and the VFC fit perfectly and it has adjustable retention so only gets minor holster wear.

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It's a tight fit, all my OTG holsters have been.  The other one I've had for a little while has scraped a bit off the corners of my Stark G17s' slide near to the muzzle but it's a fairly small wear area (after about 30 draws/insertions to break in the holster).  The M&P probably will suffer a fair bit of paint wear to the slide but I'm not too bothered.  I don't tend to use the same gun for multiple games in a row, only get to about 6-7 skirmishes a year and only draw my sidearm maybe 10 times max during a day; so it'd take a long time for the surface finish to really wear down badly.  If and when it gets to the point it looks really unpleasant I'll just get the slide re-done in black cerakote, problem solved for a good few years then.


End of the day they're not good for the looks of an airsoft pistol because a real firearm does have a much tougher surface finish, but especially with guns that are fairly cheap like VFC I'd rather wear the paint for the sake of having a holster that's built to my long list of nit-picky specs and just works really well in terms of draw and retention.

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Quick rundown of my UKSF kit...


Multicam cap,

Bolle tracker 2 eye pro,

Sisu mouthguard,

Mtp ubacs,

Crye UKSF trousers,

Mechanix gloves,

Berghaus boots.



Paraclete SOHPC w/ BHI admin, 'BFG' style shingles, BFG dump (hidden under the double), unknown utility, mag pouch to hold radio and 2 point jerry rigged like the BHI sling.




WAS battle belt w/ 'Crye' style suspenders, various WAS pouches, TAG weapons catch and Safariland for Sig w/ x200.



On a normal game day I usually carry.

6 E/Pmags,

5 P226 mags,

Ammo bag,



Sweets :D

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Finally got my Mag58 working again, this is my and my buddies mid 1970s 22 SAS kit.


here is my kitlist, can tell the others if requested


Inokatsu Mag58

Canvas cargo strap converted to roll pin belt

Pattern 58 (pat58) kidney pouches drop looped and hanging on my left and right side to hold "link" (BBs and batteries)

Pat58 Machete sheath with Martindane Golok #2

Pat58 Canteen pouch drop looped on my rear left side

Pat58 canteen pouch with US canteen (want the metal P44 one)

Tokai Type 9 walkie talkie dated 1967

Pat 44 altimeter pouch on my front left

pat44 suspenders and bracers

Lightweight jungle trousers

US 1970s OD sateen top (correct lightweight blouse on the way)

Palladium pampa high boots (I have Clark Desert boots for my Oman kit, but they are not broken in and gave me horrible blisters on a ruck march the day before)












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Looks pretty cool, been looking for ideas for a slick loadout like that based around that style of vest (I have it in black).


Have you managed to field it yet? Would you mind poating up a quick list of the setup (although it probably isn't too hard to ID the parts).


Great work!



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I have fielded it for photo shoots only (with a group of friends we are making a BPRE scenario). Can't share the pics yet though.

Last time, I used the set up shown previously. Down to the essential, it is light and comfortable to wear.

Lowa Zephy, Jeans, black "tactelneck", grey body armor (TMC), BHI CQC, BlueForce Gear double pouches for pistol mags (MP7 mags fit perfectly), Condor softshell black, MSM Tactical Tailor Adapt Pack. Various BPRE patches.

The MC pouch (I can't remember the name) is for my EDC.

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