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Pics of your Gear

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I got this sorta as an impluse buy. It was only like $60, so I didnt really care. Bought it to match the Crye all black loadout posted previous. At first I couldnt get the damm thing on it was too small. I had to adjust it all the way to the largest size, and take out the inner pads. Now it fits, kind of snug. Its perfect for smaller framed people. Front pouch is just a cheap Condor.


Ill have my GF take a picture of me wearing it when she has off next.



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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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This is my equipment. I have lots of stuff not in the picture that I didn't feel like including.

The knife is not for airsoft, its just there to spice up the picture a little.



CA Sportline M15A4

King Arms 200mm Silent Option Silencer

Guarder 3-point sling

Finnish M/91 Smock

Condor Chest Rig

FP P200 Shooting gloves

Mil-Tec Kneepads

Fiskars/J.P. Peltonen M95 Sissipuukko

CA Safety glasses I got with the gun

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My FLC in "Heavy" Mode. Might eventually get a Pointblank IBA to go under it as I have a line on a cheap one.





-2X SDS M16 Doubles

-2X AI/ The Resource Center Shingles

-1X SDS Canteen Pouch w/ 1 Qt. Poly Canteen

-1X SDS Single Frag Pouch w/ Dummy Frag

-1X SDS Sustainment Pouch w/ SPEAR Fleece and Watch Cap, Extra Pair of Bootsocks, Extra Pair of Gloves

-1X TT Upright GP Pouch (EMT Shears behind it)


- Gerber LMF-2 Fixed Blade Knife (not pictured)

- Sharpies, Mechanix Gloves, other stuff

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I have a pair myself, they are great, I switch between these, orignals, and these other ones that are 100% match to my orc industries jacket.


I like these the most though because of the padding on the top, there alot more comfty and for cold days there alright. They are a tad bit harder to work on things with them on because of the thickness off the fingers, but all gloves are like that.


Quality is great, of course.

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Things i have collected the last couple of months, its for my contractor/operator rigg im going for a early Blackwater impression but im waiting for a couple of things so i can post later on my "Light" loadout, kitlist under picture's




1x Blackwater Wood Grips P226 (Real deal)


Blackwater Gear RG (Ranger Green)


1x I-O Lowprofile carbinerack

2x I-O Sidepanels

2x I-O Slide-on Shoulderpads

1x I-O Loadbearing Belt

3x Tripple M4 Pouches

1x Double M4 Pouch

2x Fraggrenade Pouches

2x Flashbang Pouches

1x Universal Holster

1x Pistolmag/Multitoolpouch

1x Large Radiopouch

1x Lumbar Buttpack

1x Dump Pouch/Breacher Pouch


1x ESS 2.4

1x AN PVS 7B/14 Gen 3 NVG Night Vision Head Mount

1x 5.11 Credrigg




1x Paca Low-Vis Carrier (Ranger Green) It's an older version of it!


Blackwater Gear RG (Ranger Green)


1x Collapsible Baton Pouch

1x Molle Handcuff/Trifold Case

2x Pistolmag/Multitool Pouch


Radio Motorola GP300


Spare Antenna


Cavalery Headset (Bowman Repro)


2x Flag Patches

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