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Pics of your Gear

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My impression of the swedish "swat" during the 80s. All original and very rare. The vest alone is 10kg as its filled with steel hehe.           More info and ref pics at: https://www.f

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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ev1436: How do you like the Mechanix MPact gloves? I was thinking of picking up a pair.


sorry about taking 3 weeks to answer, but didnt see it till now.

Mechanix M-Pact gloves


dont buy them off of asgi($36 + shipping), get them off amazon ($25 + free shipping)



they feel great,

great impact resistance, theyre part leatheer/ part plastic

they come in coyote brown



they get extremely hot when running around

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Your rifle looks a wee bit special for a grunt impression. External gas sources are just so...paintball, imo. I do really dig your TV, though :P

It is in no way meant to be a USMC kit, we just have the same taste.

Btw, Classic airsoft started the sport you love today and we still have you beat in ROF, range, and durability. Enjoy.


As for weaponry, I have plenty to pick from.. :D


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Come play me in really cold weather.



External rig classics /= GIM GG/Propane rifles


best a GIM can do is CO2......if you have specialty mags and lots of CO2 capsules.


Classics can easily swap between multiple gasses from CO2 to HPA.



Watz pics of the routing please? Want to see how you run it to your weapon without getting in the way.


Also what mag pouches are those with your asahi mags in them?

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LB tech pouches



For my remote line, I just weave it through molle over my shoulder and zip tied it along with my hydro line to the shoulder strap.

I never cared for the under-the-arm method. Since I have other lines going over my shoulders it just blends in. Makes it easier to take off the PC also.









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what is that on the left next to the bushmaster, not the Highlander, but the m16... is that JAC or....

Guns pictured:

Asahi m60e3 SDX LRB

Asahi Bushmaster LRB

Asahi m16a1 LRB

Asahi/JAC L2a3 Sterling SCS


Sheriff Highlander Magnum

Sheriff Highlander Magnum DX

Ares DSR-1

WA 1911 Novak holstered


Here's some other configs I had that m16 in:



You had a nice SP btw... I'm sure you miss it.

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You had a nice SP btw... I'm sure you miss it.



Yes and no... I'd rather be able to configure a BV weapon like that. I just like the LRB BV combo better than GBB. All I have is a bushmaster (I think I may pick up an FNC soon) but I'd like a good BV M16 to slap some of those new ACM externals on.


On another note anyone used the TT kangaroo/joey hydro bladders?

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2 Eagle rigs right now.


Eagle RRV in MJK

-Eagle triplemag pouch

-Eagle GP pouch

-Paraclete upright GP

-Emdom SAF/Admin


Eagle Plate Carrier w/Cummerbund in RG

-4x Paraclete mag pouches

-Eagle 2/M4-4/.45

-Eagle admin

-Eagle GP pouch

-Eagle Medic

-Eagle MAP

-SDS Personal radio pouch



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