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The Paraclete one has PALS straps on it so you have to loop it through the MOLLE webbing, I just took 4" velcro and sewed a strip of hook to a strip of loop, loop out and hook in. I'll take some pictures tomorrow, it's REALLY simple.



Ahh. I see. Nifty.


Pulng, I beileve Agent Hunk's rig is the DBT Low-Vis AK Rig. You can get it on DiamondBack Tactical.

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My impression of the swedish "swat" during the 80s. All original and very rare. The vest alone is 10kg as its filled with steel hehe.           More info and ref pics at: https://www.f

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Its name is a mouth full.


Diamondback Tactical Low-Vis AK RACK V6







Web Belt

G&P Dump pouch

BHI Tsunami


To do list:


Coyote brown bijans (In the mail)

Safariland 6004 for M9 (In the mail)

Coyote BHI Tsunami (In the mail)

New Dump pouch

Finish ID card

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Still need sexy cyalumes, and a radio pouch. Pistol stuff is going on my belt when I get it.


4x WAS Dual M4 Mag Pouches

1x WAS Flashlight pouch

1x Medium Utility pouch ( gonna be a first aid pouch once I get my kit)

2x WAS Frags


The MOLLE webbing colour is pretty freaking off in natural light, but otherwise, it looks good :D Not gonna bother with plates, it hugs my body pretty damn well already.

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Revised my RAV a bit. Kitlist as follows:


1 Paraclete RAV

4 Paraclete Double M4 (1 for radio under cummerbund)

1 Custom under-cummerbund quad mag pouch

1 Paraclete GPS Pouch (used for CR123, AAA, AA and Memory cards for helmet cam)

1 Paraclete GP (Canteen / Nalgene / Camelback bottle if needed, otherwise breaching charges, misc items)

1 Rolly Polly (For it's weight and size, I feel it can't hurt to be ready to carry some random garbage I didn't anticipate)










So this is the pouch I made. It's just 2 pieces of 4" hook and loop sewn together.













Kitteh <3 pen flares:




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