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Pics of your Gear

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Since some people here liked my previous post, here is some more czech gear. Note that everything below has a "crossed swords" stamp (except  waist-bag and wallet) which means its original czech army material and has been in millitary stocks


Head covers

Vz95 boonie hat, Vz95 patrol cap, Schuberth kevlar helmet with Vz95 cover





Vz95 summer Rip-Stop. I also have two standart Vz95, they look the same just the material is thicker and its not in rip-stop




Gore-tex jacket




Vz2000 poncho





Vz2000 standart




Vz2000 winter




Vz2000 desert and Vz2000 Gore-tex





ALP chestrigg / platecarrier ( http://www.alp-army.cz/vyrob.php?id=49 )




czech paratrooper knife UTON (sory about flash)


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I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

Posted Images






ALP TL60 (note. sidepockets can be joined into a smaller backpack http://www.alp-army.cz/vyrob.php?id=4 )





Summer and Winter sleeping-bags for reconnaissance units




paratrooper shovel




Vz2000 sun glasses




Vz95 waist-bag and wallet


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I don't mean to ruin it for you, but with that mask, it looks like you're very happy! :D


But, I'm sure it looks better in natural light, with shadows behind the mesh. Looks awesome, man. How's it perform in under game conditions?


It could be relative to the environment. He *could* look psychotic with fire all around him. Or he *could* just look happy because he has his thumb up.

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hehe it's a happy skull!


Couple more pics...


With my stalkers under my new purchase... WAS/Crye multicam RICAS with shoulder pads




And a pic of me being all snipey snipey




The mask is very comfortable, lightweight and offers a fair bit of protection :) Very happy with it!

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Looks far better than your last set of pictures, nice to see you tighten and improve some of the little bits.

Thanks, If you have any more suggestions shoot me a PM! :D


Holster looks pretty *fruitcage*ed up though, might want to readjust that.

Yea I re-adjusted it during game, I accidentally had it in front of the first belt loop rather than behind it.

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Only £45 Grim, really recommend it. Mask got a bit condensationy when I was breathing heavily (ooer) but otherwise was very comfortable and lightweight the whole day. Got a couple of dings in the mesh over the teeth and didnt even flake the paint off!


Not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing Stena but thanks ;)

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