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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Not sure if this really counts as gear but, its my dump pouch :P It works really well, a great alternative to a dump pouch


I used to use a carabiner to hold my first mag. I'd have all my pouches loaded up, and a carabiner with one extra mag loaded up. When we went out into the field I'd put that mag into my gun so as to not be down a mag at the beginning of a game.


As far as using it as a dump pouch... all that rattling would get on my nerves! :D

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Sorry for the late response guys :(


Why not use a dump pouch? A dump pouch is faster, requires no fine motor skills, and is in a far more repeatable location, which translates to less fumbling.


I find it extremely easy, and as far as location, I am left handed so I find that location the best. It was on one of the loops of my LBV, and I can switch it off and place it anywhere on my vest where it is easiest for me.



That tape dosent look like it will hold.


And the clacking of magazines would ###### me right off.


but each to their own, ne?


The tape will defiantly hold until I find a more permanent solution (ranger plates?), and as for the clacking on magazines, my loadout consists of only 3 magazines so another mountain-climbing hook would make no rattling. Plus, the CQB area I play at is so fast paced I would most likely only have 1 magazine hooked at a time before reloading.


As far as using it as a dump pouch... all that rattling would get on my nerves!


It would annoy me too, but as Ive said before, my loadout is only 3 magazines, so another hook would make a magazine on each side of me, and no rattling . I have no idea how it will work, but I will try it out tommorow at the field. It will certainly be easier then putting the magazines back in the origional pouches :D

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Well I like this new loadout I got, kitlist is as follows:


Blackhawk! Tactical Hat Foliage Green w/ OD Green US Flag Patch

ESS Ice Black Eyepro

Cavalry Bowman’s Headset OD

Blackhawk! Warrior Wear Operations Jacket Foliage Green

Blackhawk! Base Layer Black

Eagle Industries CIRAS Medium Land Type OD Green w/:

2x Eagle Industries OD Double Magazine Pouches

1x Eagle Industries OD MBITR Radio Pouch

1x Eagle Industries OD Medical Pouch

1x Eagle Industries OD GP Pouch

1x Maxpedition MilSpec Monkey OD MCAP Pouch

1x Maxpedition MilSpec Monkey OD Small Patch Panel

1x Blackhawk! OD SERPA Holster M92FS (Attached to Tactical Pants)

1x MilSpec OD Blood Type Tape B-POS

Blackhawk! OD SOLAG HD w/ Kevlar Gloves

Blackhawk! Warrior Wear Tactical Pants Khaki Tan

ACU Issue Tan Belt

1x Eagle Industries OD Double Pistol Magazine Pouch

Knee Pads Black

5.11 Black Socks

5.11 Tactical Trainers Tundra


Equipment wise I have:

DBoys HK416 w/:

Element Hopup Chamber

Madbull Fishbone Rubber and Bucking

Systema 363mm 6.02mm Tightbore

Guarder SP110 Spring

Systema Air Nozzle

Systema Cylinder Head

Eagle Industries Swift CAR15 Sling

G&P M68 Red Dot Sight

Knights Armament Forward Grip

Surefire Tac Light


Madbull Gas Grenade

Blackhawk! MOD CQD Mark I Type E Knife

Cobra FRS Radio

Extendable Baton

Aluminum Billet Self Defense Pen

2x IR Glow Sticks

Fully Stocked Med Pouch

Including a mag in the gun I can carry 15 M-mags (8 on the vest, 6 in the integrated mag pockets in the Blackhawk! pants.)

Also I can carry 5, including the one in the pistol, M9 mags (2 in my integrated pouches, and 2 in the MOLLE pouch attached to my pants)

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Well I like this new loadout I got, kitlist is as follows:


Nice! I see you like Blakhawk a lot... funny enought I have all that stuff as well, except the Pants.


Wouldn't take them out to a game tough, especially the Ops Jak is fantastic for wear everyday and even to the office. Can't see me robbing trough dirt with that ;)


How do you like the Pants? The Holster seems to be attached to the MOLLE on teh Pants, how does that work out for you?


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Thought id share some of the gear ive been working on here in the cold days. DCU with woodland top, was abit cold so threw on a pcu. 2nd line is a 1961a from LBT in OD with a slight dusting of paint to make it blend better, then a repro PACA and a Camelbak Mule. To keep my brain warm im wearing a Protec with ESS NVG turbofan, velcro for some patches and a repro MS2000 and a repro NVG mount. Else im rocking a PTW set up similar to a MK18.


Random stuff:

Alta KP

Mewchanix gloves

EI duty belt















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my replica RAV

with 2x OD warrior double mag pouches. (the lighter coloured one is older, different material, but both warrior.)

1x OD warrior medium util pouch

1x OD viper large util pouch (more of a bag)

1x OD warrior adjustable radio pouch. its on the front cos i have no headset.

and finally a camlebak


modeled on my radiator, its cold in my room :(







it is with DPM atm, but i dont fancy getting BDU's :P

dont particularly like em


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