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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Mich 2000*

Montura Rhino*

MS 2000 strobe*

Goggle Straps

Chin Straps

IR US Flag


Mechanix gloves



CIRAS Maritime Flyye

1 Pouch doble para cargadores m4

2 Pouch simples para cargador M4

1 Pouch médico

1 Pouch PRC 148

1 Pouch Smoke Grenade

2 Pouch Frag Grenade

2 Trifold ASP


Comtact II + Peltor PTT *


Camelbak HAWG 3 Desert Color



Best Regards.-

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My "Take on the modern African Mercenary". It's not an impression of any sorts, not even close to it. It's just more of a not so educated guess on my part for the uppcomming game Mercs 7 in sweden, still somewhat of a WIP







Milspex Tigerstripe BDU pants

Milspex ACU Type combat shirt OD

Milspex Tigerstripe Patrolcap

5,11 Operator cloves (It's beein a while since I bought them, so I have forgotten their real name)

Bates Tactical Sidezips.



Warrior 901

1xDubble NSR 5,56 mag pouch (Warrior)

1xSingle NSR 5,56 mag pouch (Warrior)

Adjustble Radio pouch (Warrior)

Small vertical Utilitypouch (warrior)

Medical pouch (Warrior)

Tactical map pouch (Condor)

Bungge single point sling (Condor)


First-line (Poorly vissible)

Pantac Mollebelt.

Dubble Pistol mag pouch (Warrior)

2xSmall medic/utilitypouch (Warrior is placed on the backside)

Naglegen pouch (Condor is placed on the backside)



JG M4 with extras



And no, you are not seeing things, the rigg is really hanging loosely, that's becuse it's modded to fit over a PACA.

And the cat on the picture is not part of the gear.

The pixelating is doe to me having a bad faceday.

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