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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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A SAW is designed to take STANAG magazines, which the Weesatch is also designed for. Even though he uses a box mag in the pics, he can dispose of that and use the mags in his rig. The only problem with that is that he'd have to find a way to carry his battery, but it's perfectly possible.

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Oh no no, I'm not trying to argue negatively! Just trying to explain how it does work, but I don't see the real practical use of it along with a SAW as the battery is usually in the box mag.


No problem. I was in a REALLY bad mood yesterday, probably should stay off forums.

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Just a couple pictures of my gear to make sure I've got enough for a skirmish. Since the last one I've gone to was back in Feb 08, I couldn't remember what I had! It's now time to get back into it all, so I'm sorting out what I need and plan to get rid of what I don't!





Apologies for the poor quality, and Myspace-esque pics. I really need to buy a camera!


Kit List


Converse Warrior Tan 8"

Ebaybanned MC Combat Pants w/ Crye Precision tan knee pads

5.11 Coyote TDU Belt

Crye Precision Combat Shirt Gen 1 w/ CP tan elbow pads

Under Armour Tan t-shirt

Green Craghopper microfleece

Damascus MX-30 gloves

Bozzer Belt in MultiCam

2 x On Patrol rectangular drop-leg molle rigs.

On Patrol dump pouch

On Patrol upright GP pouch

On Patrol single pistol mag pouch

On Patrol Rolly-polly dump pouch

Condor GP Pouch

Flyye Coyote Fast Attack Plate Carrier

4 x On Patrol double Mag pouches

Blackhawk Serpa Colt 1911 RH holster

Militarynames.com MultiCam velcro Union Flag

ACM MLI velcro patch

ACM tan bungee sling

Tan Shemagh

5.11 fleece hat


Future additions:

Oakley SI gloves in Tan (lost one of the Damascus ones) My black Oakleys are amazing, might as well complete the set!

Blackhawk Serpa Colt 1911 holster (LH) - To go on the left drop-leg

MC Admin (need to fill the top of the FAPC when the Serpa goes

Holster for my USPc


Feel free to criticise and comment! :)



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What you really need is to clean your room :-P

Also, nice kit.


Haha, this is true. My excuse is I'm in the middle of exams and all my flatmates have gone home. Since it's just me and my revision, I'm taking a few liberties. Believe it or not, I tidied it this morning. Like dressing up in my airsoft gear, it was yet another way to procrastinate!





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