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My new Baseline Supplies Stalker Jacket arrived this morning. Considering wearing our team colours of MARPAT tomorrow in stead of DDPM





Planning on getting a UBACS and the trousers to match in the coming future, to replace my old Bulle MARPATs.



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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Ha Ha. Guess ive got that to come then. I rarely use the pockets on my trousers maybe a few boiled sweets in a pocket but i tend to leave the mobile and wallet in a safe pouch thats zipped up on my webbing/vest. I noticed the DPM kit seems out of stock all the time on their websaite. i wouldnt mind a jacket and trousers in DPM for field use when away with the TA. Looking forward to testing this jacket out though. any other niggles found or advice on this jacket would be appreciated guys.



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Got my BDUs back from the tailor, ready to get back into softing this summer...


WIP 90s/00s/TOTS Seal loadout... not in the least a serious attempt, more an 'inspired'/filmsim loadout (so please Seals thread guys don't hunt me down!)






Raid modifications






Holy inappropriate weapon for loadout batman (and poor trigger discipline too!)




Still to include: Socom, Socom thigh holster, and modding the LBV with the pouches off a second LBV to allow me to carry at least 8 mags instead of six (and possibly two more grenades, and taping up the straps.


The reason Im chuckling in the first place was that my housemate was throwing Op Flashpoint quotes at me...

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My Spanish Marines Impression uploaded




-Marte IV Helmet w/googles and Issued cover M87 for Marte

-Spanish Marines, Navy BDU

-Altus Hk Brimar Tactical Vest

-Camelbak Thermoback Woodland

-LC II Belt *

-Bianchi M12 Holster

-Double Spanish issued pistol Pouch

-Double Spanish issued Hk Pouch

-Spanish issued Medic Kit

-Polar AXN 300

-Nomex fly gloves

-Pistacho Boots

-Hk G36E Classic Army w/8 mags *


*= replica

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Here's a pic of some my setups.






From top to bottom:


SDS OTV (with SDS pouches)- Unicor OTV (with SDS pouches) - Savannah Luggage E-OTV (with AITES pouches)


Paraclete RAV (with Paraclete pouches) - Guarder AAV (with SDS pouches)


LBT-1961A - FSBE II EI RRS-V (with FSBE II EI and AI pouches)


LBT-6094B (with EI and LBT pouches) - FSBE II L/XL AI MBSS (with FSBE II EI and AI pouches)


RLCS EI MC-CIRAS (with EI and AI pouches) - FSBE II EI MC-CIRAS (with FSBE II EI and AI pouches)


The only replica vest is the Guarder woodland AAV, still looking for the real deal.


Hope you guys like it! :)

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My team's uniform.

Desert ACU with underarmor (that's so nice on warm days) and black vest with high collar and arm protection.

The vest has a 2x3 row of fastmag gen. III clones and a serpaclone for the Detonics .45.

As long as I don't have to lie down, I'm good. For woodland games, the vest can be swapped for something a little more low profile which I can lie down with.

The black bar over my eyes is to cover my identity and annoy all the spec-ops haters out there :P


BTW, we chose this outfit for the looks, primarily. I thunk it looked rad. Still do :D

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Love it dude! Im going to admit right now im going to pinch that mohawk idea for GZ this year. What did you use?


Also where did you get that mouth guard and how to you find it with the comtacts, does it sit ok?



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LOL - ill take that as the best of compliments then =]


got it from a kids shop - supposed to be a skateboard hlemt cover, was originally black but sprayed it - got a red one as well...................and some pigtails =P


The mouth guard is from Russia - although i managed to pick one up on my local forums from a mate.


No hassles with the head set at all =]

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As everyone and their mum seems to be doing american looks and i wanted to fit in but at the same time be different i went for a post-invasion Iraqi Army look. i know its not all there but its primarily for skirmishing and those plate carriers are like hens teeth.






kitlist on request.

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