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Pics of your Gear

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Thanks FallenGuard :)

I'm still working on bits and pieces, such as the lid (will amongst other things be sanded down and repainted), and I'm also kitting out a HK416 to run it with, but the basic stuff is all there... What beats me is that it both looks pretty cool and is highly functional; it's usually one way or the other :P

I also have some new comms incoming.. Trying to calm down on the purchases, but it's really hard; at this rate I'll never be able to buy a new car

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My impression of the swedish "swat" during the 80s. All original and very rare. The vest alone is 10kg as its filled with steel hehe.           More info and ref pics at: https://www.f

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

Posted Images

After a six year airsofting break Ive finally gotten back and am acquiring gear again. So far this is my first loadout. Pic quality seems to have suffered as a result of poor lighting in the room. Any comments appreciated.








Tuck those boot laces in, Marines dont wear them out like the sloppy Army does. Get some boot bands and blouse the trousers properly. Other than that looks good.


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Tuck those boot laces in, Marines dont wear them out like the sloppy Army does. Get some boot bands and blouse the trousers properly. Other than that looks good.

#1 Don't quote pictures

#2 Maybe he isn't going for a Marine impression, maybe he just like how all the gear looks together as his loadout. He is holding an King Arms TROY M7A1... which is not Marine-ish at all. Just because he wear some desert marpat, a maritime ciras and a bunch of CB doesn't mean I'm trying to impersonate a Marine.

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Good catch about the MAP. Its been on and off several times lately due to adjusting the internals of the vest.

Boot laces: noted. Will tuck them in. Youre right in assuming Im not trying to impersonate any specific branch.

Blousing: I find that I have to take time when doing this to get it to look right at all. When I took the pics I wasnt intending to post them so I didnt give it much thought. Ive never tried boot bands but I hear so many mixed opinions on their use Ive steered clear. Figure Ill try to master blousing without them.

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Not so sure that I can, since I'm using a Specter MOUT sling it won't thread through the drag handle. However using the Paraclete shoulder pads to hold it it surprisingly doesn't affect my neck. I'll eventually get the actual CIRAS sling but not sure when.


@ Roecar:

you should lead the sling through the vest's carry handle in the back. the way you have it now, you'll end up carrying your rifle with your neck only, which might get painful after a while.

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GRIM: Is that the Tru-Spec marpat?


Also, I've been leaning towards MFR loadout myself, what besides green jumpsuit and marpat is issue?


Japp, men se till att du får den utan dragkedja o velcro, den e fail, jag fick den :( ska skaffa en ny.


There is Desert Marpat and Tan jumpsuit.


kliskey: Hahah why you prefer boys ;) What could be better than Chicks n Guns :D

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Just got it today, very quick and without any problems. I am still waiting on my boots and goggles from BOTACH and still have to order some cammies.











Gotta keep FAPSEC here...




As much as I hate taking action photos when there is ridiculous *suitcase* in the background, I did anyways.



And no I haven't showered yet. I literally woke up to the RAV and have been fiddling with it since.

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