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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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oh *fruitcage* heroshark, the jaw works and everything!!! love the vid


Been playing with the idea for a while ,after a friend ask if I could do it .I wanted to do a new mask ,but I don't have the time so I took my saw to the old one. I could do something much better with a scratch built design though, I'll do it one day.

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One of the proud few swedish, norweigian airsofters, from Telemark, Team Evil Ananas (Team Evil Pineapples)

Kitlist follows (you can add twinkies, muffins, and ding-dongs yourself to the puches)


1st line:

Strike Systems Velcro belt Black

Maxpedition Mega RollyPolly dump pouch OD

Maxpedition H-1 OD

Utilityouch Big OD

Noname Legplate

2x öppna m4 magfickor (one for a glock17, one for a m4 mag.)

Hatch Knee protection (is in the big belt utility pouch)


2nd Line:

EB Eagle style RRVV OD

Maxpedition FR-1 MedicPouch OD

AN/FRC-148 radiopouch OD

2x double m4 magazine pouches OD (total 8 magazines)

double pistolmagazine pouch OD

KMT Combat Admin Pouch

m3 flashlight


3rd Line:

US Assault Pack OD

3l Hydration Bag



Mich 2002


Yukon NVMT 4 1x24 w/ custom mount

Peltor ComTacs



AN/PRC-148 Dummy

Cobra Radio

Icom Bowman Headset Tan



Norweigian battle uniform M2000

Swedish Combat Boot 90

Tegera Pro Gloves

Protective Glasses



JG416, 10 mag, C-More RedDot, random upgrades

CA Mp5a3, 4 mag, Random Upgrades

KWA glock 17, 3 mag


Will get new Backpack, and a new radio.

excuse the bad lighting in my livingroom

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yeah its actually really nice, and pretty good quality also. only thing i have to complain about was the "snaplocks" tey feel kinda cheap. but otherwise there are double stickes and the cordura quality could quite possibly withstand a nuclear war. and it sits comfortably on me also. so no complains there

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