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New stuff turned up today, trying out this whole HSLD thing!




The DCS is likely only a stop-gap until I can afford a CPC, but it's a very nice bit of kit (pretty much a 6094B without any of the stuff I don't like about it) so will be quite happy with it for a while yet! Still quite a bit to get though - PIG Hydration Pouch, Source 2L bladder, a smaller utility pouch to act as IFAK (as the new Warrior on is about twice the size of their old one, I'm thinking a Crye 6x6 but I can't find 'em anywhere...), medical sheers/kit and an MBITR shell.

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I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Oh ffs, they would have to go and add all that extra webbing on to the front panel. The TACOs never quite sit in the ideal place with the original version because they only put the MOLLE loops on alternate rows in that area, then you have to go and show me this. I'm going to have to bloody buy another one now.

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Heh, no it's good to be honest, I'm glad I know now. Probably just sell my current one and buy another.


The only problem with the TACO is they're 4 MOLLE rows high, so when you mount them 3 rows up from the bottom of the panel (due to the alternate spacing) you have 1 row's worth hanging down, which is functional but not 100% ideal. The other option being to just put them up too high but that makes reloads slower and more awkward. Credit to Warrior on this one really, almost every other gear maker produces PCs and rigs with the alternate spacing, but those guys have noticed the issue and sorted it. I'm presuming you just ordered yours as normal and it came as the updated version like that?

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OSOE gear Mookie war rig with:


4x HSGI primary-secondary tacos.

Source 1l hydro and MC cover.

2x Tactical tailor flashbang pouches for BFGs.

Ops PRR pouch.




When my OSOE x harness shows up I'm going to be moving the PRR up to the shoulder and adding my 349/dummy PRC152 with kenwood radio inside it on the far left or back, depending on who I'm playing alongside.

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Nice, very nice. Getting primary mags, secondary mags, comms, greandes and hydro all on there just shows what can be done even with a fairly slim chest rig.


Looked at those Source 1Ls many a time, definitely going to pick one up whenever I get around to putting a chest rig together.


Cheers man, the source 1l is actually pretty nifty, attaches to just 2 rows of molle, which when I've got it on the far side and the mags and bangs are straight on the front, actually sits really nicely just there.

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Some new pics. SAS á la 2008 TFK.

Basically only a few details left to sort out. The PVS-21 mount I bought got lost in transit, currently looking for another one. Apart from that, I need a CT5 replica, a BHI lanyard and a MBITR replica (on the way). After those details, I'm going to more or less consider it done. Any comments or criticisms are welcome!









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Nope,All genuine,in order left to right,

Peckham Polartec issue Spear fleece ,

TAD Gear Stealth in Rhino hide,coyote,Now discontinued

TAD gear ranger battle hoodie, Ranger green, now discontinued.

Ventile DPM windproof smock, Never seen another one

TAD gear ranger battle hoodie, MC, now discontinued

USMC Gen2 issue softshell/Goretex hybrid.

Raid modded TRi-col shirt

SKD custom MC BDU shirt

Raid modded WC shirt

Propper BDU shirt,ATACS

Propper under armour/combat shirt ATACS

Emerson GEN2 MC combat shirt (genuine one on the way :) )

USMC issue FROG combat shirt.


I have Trousers to match all the BDU's.

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Thanks. I was initially looking for the original TADs but I might have to settle for the repros unless they do another run of them. Where can the fleece be bought?


Ebay, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-ISSUE-USSF-peckham-ECWCS-L4-PCU-spear-FLEECE-JACKET-ECWCS-ODA-SF-NSW-S-/320818327001#ht_527wt_1165 i dont know the seller.


Or search through the forums, theres a member on here and Ukaz "Kevin Berry" he quite often gets them, drop him a line and say Jimmy sent you :).

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Well, I wouldn't buy a lot of it with my own money put it that way, heh.


Nothing amazingly fancy but it all works. Norwegian shirts and longjohns underneath your basic uniform, then there's so-called 'softies' to go between that and your outer camo layers. I'm not sure exactly what they're made of, just very puffy really, store lots of air to insulate. The gore-tex cold weather boots are actually pretty nice as are the socks, then there's many layers of gloves/mittens and a few misc. bits like woolen wrist covers, and what is by far the world's most disturbing white face mask. I scared myself when I put it on, won't be coming with me I can tell you that.

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