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Pics of your Gear

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It comes with a fleece. Not that warm, but a fleece none the less. I haven't tried it though.


It works reasonably well in the forest especially in barren lands.


There is something smart about it: the pockets allows you to reach to your belt/leg. For instance if you have a leg holster, you can reach and draw your secondary by putting your hand in the pocket of the jacket without having to open it.

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

Posted Images

This is some new stuff I've gotten in recently:




o Crye JPC

o Crye MBITR Pouch Set

o Crye Suspenders

o Tyr Tactical Small Hydration Pouch

o 3x Tyr M4 Mag Pouches

o Tyr Motorola XTS Radio Pouch

o Tyr Micro SOF IFAK, Velcro Cutaway

o 3x ITW FastMags

o Hard Point Low-pro Underbelt

o ATTACK! Master Riggers Belt

o ATTACK! AirOps Personal Retention Lanyard MOD 11

o CTOMS Slimline CFAK

o BFG 10-Speed Helium Whisper Triple Mag Pouch

o 2x ITW GrimLock

o Tru-Spec TRU Combat Shirt

o TPC Raids BDU Trousers


This picture is still missing the comms gear I picked up too.


o 2x Nacre Quietpro's

o MSA/Sordin Supreme Pro Headset

o SRS Tactical Nexus U94 PTT for Motorolla Jedi-Series Radio

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Romeo that does look practical, do you have any larger photos?



Sorry Starburst, that unfortunately is the only pic I have with that setup.


It is very practical. The games in that area where my friend took the photo the games are so quick and so close that there is no need for radios or other heavy extras.


A kit list:


First line:

Condor battle belt

Tornado holster

Camelbak SMG 3mag pouch

Blackwater dump pouch.


2nd Line

Point Blank Armor garden variety bullet proof vest (great if you want to look like FBI or Vick Mackey or something like that).


That's it. :)

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What do you mean by "what is it good for"?


Do you mean in term of efficiency as a camo pattern? ND was developed during the first Gulf War to deceive the enemies NV devices in the desert. The ND was supposed to conceal the carrier more efficiently. It wasn't very effective.


Do you mean in term of gear for reenactment? It has been seen a few times on CIA operators in various places and at various times (Astan, Irak, etc...)


And I like the look of it.


You can also see it used in an episode of The Unit (Season 2)


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Low res, but its an in game picture. Will take better alone pics soon.





Crye JPC, CB (Yes. A Real one. :P Allied States of America and Nametape patches))


First Spear Triple M4 shingle,CB

First Spear double Glock 17,CB

Camelbak Pakteen,Blk



Eagle Industries belt, Blk.

ITW Fast Mags Gen 3,Tan

Raven Concealment Systems Glock 21 holster for TM Glock 17,DFE

Emdom Dump pouch,CB



Hazard 4 Battle Polo (Team Patch (Shadow Company,IAD) on Right shoulder, Umbrella Security Service patch on Left shoulder, Ravenwood Patch on front)

LA Police Gear operator Pants

SKD Tactical Hat

Oakley gloves

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I always wanted a ND parka, but I hear the sizes are funny. They run huge apparently. I as well think they look pretty sweet.


Not a problem... Just gives you extra material to create new pockets and do a custom RAID mod. ;)




Not sure if I'll end up replacing the velcro with a different color or not... I kind of like the black and think I've seen a few BDU's from the early 90's modded with black velcro, also. Opinions?

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Just a quick shot of my gear thus far, still need a duty belt/Molle belt, comm setup, and a boonie. Tell me what you think.


Also, got my APS 2 in as well, I'll be posting more pictures in the coming weeks.




-Unilock Baseball Cap

-Bolle T800s


-Pantac MBSS

-Pantac MAP

-Pantac Admin Pouch

-Pantac Triple M4 Pouch

-Pantac MBITR Pouch


-USMC Woodland FROG

-Merrel Moabs Mids





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Thanks, I am a bit large for the vest, it's a medium, and I'm about 6'3" 180lbs, but it fits well for my liking.


I figured the belt wouldn't look to bad for a temporary thing, if it wasn't also my everyday belt I would paint the buckle black and be done with it. But I am purchasing a nylon duty belt anyhow, so no sense in ruining a perfectly good leather one. :)


Thanks for the comment!

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This is probably one of the few occasions you'll actually look more gucci and Spec-ops by not replacing that belt with something that's specifically military/tactical.


Obviously if you wanted to hang stuff from it then that's a bit different, but if it's just for holding your trousers up I'd stay with the leather.

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Interesting thought, I guess I never figured it'd be acceptable kit. I did sort of plan on getting a MOLLE belt, but as of now, I don't really have a need for it, so I suppose I'll just stay more spec ops for the time being. :P


Thanks for the comment!

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Bought a Mayflower swift clip kit trying to rig my UW and Emdom carrier to a 6094 SLICK but it didn't work out as intended. It did however mesh the chest rig and pack together fairly well.




Attached the female buckles to the Emdom shoulder straps and the male side buckles to the lower half of the Emdom straps.

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Ermm I don't nessecarily agree that any leather belt will do. If you look at the images of dudes, especially SEALs, wearing leather belts you'll notice they all are using the same belt.


Depends how pedantic you wan't to be.


Not everyone's going to be that fussed about the differences. What you might say is inaccurate will be perfectly serviceable to a lot of other people.

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