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Well its a size large, id usally take a medium,and im only 5'8", there is extra bulk around the cummerbund, and 1 pals loop longer on the torso/plate, theres a quick review here, next to a standard "A" size medium. but i have to say, it fits me fine and is super comfy :)



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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Posted in belt kits, too...this is my "summer rig". Due to the extreme heat and humidity in STL during the summer, local fields only do 20-minute-max skirmishes, so this lasts me just fine and keeps me cool. Don't even need a chest rig.



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Smith Boogie Regulator with the Ignitor lens color. They're high quality and I like the foam they use, but the light transmission is lower than my excellent ESS copper lenses, making these a little too dark for MOUT. I replaced the included silicone strap with shock cord.

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I had them pre-ordered from Patriot Outfitters, came to about $43 shipped, no idea how they handle fogging yet since they just turned up last night. I did try mounting them to the helmet rails with some shock cord and the OPS-Core goggle swivels, but they are so low profile that they float off my face--they fit better when worn underneath.



The Lowpro Regulators (in Multicam!) look more promising for use with helmets. It's hard to tell from the photos, but from a trade show video they look to be almost half the thickness of the Smith OTW goggles.

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Been waiting for those, kojak.


I had planned on picking up Smith's strap system for use with the Arc rails, but if they're going to be floating on my face, I may pass that idea up.


Here are the straps I speak of: https://elite.smithoptics.com/products/#/Accessoires/Boogie+Bungee+Cord+Velcro+Strap+Kit/view/



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Very nice, Wesker! I'm still debating whether or not to go with an APC or a different PC for use with my UW.




I'd go with the APC. The integration is so nice. I looked into a bunch of plate carriers and none seemed to fit the bill as well.


Tyr order for my IFAK and hydro came in today. Just need to get my antenna rigged to the back.

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My homemade Ghillie based on a Webtex concealment vest, light, easy to access my Pantac RRV, and sidearm, since i crawl on my belly alot i didnt feel the need on have scrim on the front side so opted that out for a clean fron


in holster a Socom Gear 1911 Desert Warrior with an insight m3x flashlight

main sniper rifle is a Classic Army SR25 @ 157m/s w 3-10x optics and a Infrared PEQ15 box

Communication gear consists of Motorola Saber III.


i have 3 sr25 mags, 2 spare sidearm mags, some grenades smoke & frag, radio, a small maxpedition medical FR-1 pouch, and a silencer pouch for the sr25 (get some better accuracy if i have the suppressor on) hit consistently man sized 1/3 targets 8/10 bullets @ 70m

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What's that thing over your left sleeve, and why? And what's the black thing on the back of your pistol belt, just above your *albatross*?

Whats on my left sleeve? Can you even see my left sleeve in the picture? The thing above my *albatross* is a 40mm bandoleer. It hangs like that couse of knife and stuff in my belt.


I hate this new trend in cut off uniform sleeves, especially with different color bottoms AND a freaking hunting camo shirt underneath. If you aren't going to run short sleeve, why cut off the top?


1st of all long sleeves protect from the sun, and cools at the same time - which the FROG arms don't. You keep cool and dont burn your skin, it's actually a good solution, and you still get flame retardation (;)) and armpockets, velcro for identifiers and such. Don't really matter how you think it looks, I find it practical.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R-ish Bandit or Loner Kit:








Green zipped hoodie, used

Cotton scarf over the face

Chicom, repro

Bluewear work gloves

Cheap green BDU pants

German army boots


Not visible: canvas 4x RPK-mag pouch, russian, with soviet water bottle attached.


I had an AK74 earlier in the day, but when it broke I switched to my TalibAK. Disregard :P

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