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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Got the strap kit for my Boogie Regulators. Really versatile piece of kit. It allows you to use them for just about any application.


The two ends velcro to each other so you can run them as a standard strap. Or, you can velcro both ends to the velcro on your helmet. And finally, the kit includes ARC rail post mounts so you can wear them that way.





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-Propper Multicam combat set

-Alta Multicam kneepads

-Magnum Elite Spider boots


First line:

-Condor Battle Belt (Great quality for the price)

-ITW FAST magazine pouches gen 3

-First Spear 1911 double mag pouch in Multicam

-Pantac Multicam dump pouch

-1911 Serpa with MOLLE mount


Second Line:

-Mayflower APC in Multicam

-BFG ten speeds

-Mayflower triple mag insert

-First Spear 1911 double mag pouch in Multicam

-Marz small utility

-PIG hydro carrier

-HSGI small radio pouch



-Tan scarf thingy

-ESS turbofans (3 years old never broke never fogged, best $150 ever spent)

-OPS-CORE FAST PJ replica helmet

-repro bowman style headset with PTT




9 magazines (kit can hold 10+1

TM 1911

3 magazines (kit can hold 4+1)

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Got my kit all laid out for the game this weekend. I can't believe I bring this much with me. (I can't believe I used to bring more!!)

I'll see if I can list it all out.




Pantac RRV

-Pantac admin pouch

-Dead Rag

-Field Map

-Tornado reset key

-Pantac triple mag pouch

-Pantac MP pouch

-Flashbang pouch (used as radio pouch)

-Motorola Talkabout

-Element PTT

ATS War belt

-Condor double pistol mag pouch

-Maxpedition Rolly Poly


-ACM Serpa holster (shown off of belt)

-Rubber M9 Bayonet

Fox Tactical Medium Transport Pack


TRU Spec combat shirt

Surplus trousers


'Do rag


Condor Gun bag

-Condor triple open-top stacker

-Condor double AK

WE G39k

-TSC Tac. bolt release

-G&P Eotech 551

-4 mags


-8 locaps

-4 KA midcaps

-UTG Tac light

CA Double-screw silencer

KJW P229

-2 mags

-Gentech pistol lanyard

Self-made paracord bracelet, trilobyte weave

Battlefield 3 Support dogtags

Nomex flight gloves

2 speedloaders

G39 loader

AI Tornado timer grenade

-Spoon kit

Extra Motorola Talkabout

Z Tactical Bowman headset

Repro MICH helmet

-ACM surefire helmet light


-Real rhino NVG mount

-ESS Turbofan goggles

Ammo tin (toolbox)


-Spring pliers

-Channel-lock pliers


-Knife sharpener

-Multi-allen key

-Tiny screwdrivers


-Zip ties

-Grenade oil

-Silicon oil

-Sticky velcro

-Double-sided velcro

-Electrical tape

-Cat ###### goggle anti-fog

-Green gas

-Javelin Bio BBs (.20,.25)



BDU Belt


ESS lens cleaner

Spare shooting glasses

Condor Kneepads

Laptop (to transfer Contour files to between games)



There, I think that's everything. :P

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I'm jealous of how light it is.


This is what I'll be carrying around all day tomorrow:





Marui DE hardkick in custom holster

Emerson bump helmet w/ coms, lights, mask, Contour HD, Smith Boogie Regulators

replica Esstac LBB w/ kydex inserts for 8x PTS EMAGs

Mechanix, 2x Thunder Bs frags, 3L Source hydro, multitool, ammo, loader, deadrag, radio

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