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Parts help?


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Howdy Gents. I am fixing my version 3 mechbox.

Parts are going into an ICS AK74m.

I would prefer to buy these parts from the same place, and I would prefer them to be made by the same company. Sadly the only place I've found with everything in stock is Evike, and I don't want to use them.

I was looking for Systema and its area 1000 parts, as I've heard good things about em. Guarder is supposed to be pretty good to, and Prometheus seems to be a bit pricey for me..


If any of ya have recommendations of a good dealer with decent prices, who would have the parts I need in stock, I'd really appreciate hearing about em. Thanks for your time, the parts needed are listed below.


1x polycarbonate piston (not full metal teeth)

1x non metal piston head

1x cylinder head

1x tappet plate


A few O-rings might not be a bad idea either..


Thanks again,



EDIT: Just wanted to point out I live in the USA, and in the interest of keeping shipping costs low, a retailer on this continent would be preferable..

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Thanks ert, they seem to have a lot of the stuff I need.


I'm hoping one of you all have bought this Systema piston head. I can't tell from the picture, this comes with the nut or bolt in the back to attach head to piston right?


I can't imagine it doesn't but.. better safe than sorry.


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