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Official Photography Thread?

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I will say this, MAD props to Canon USA.


After coming back from a Magpul class the TSA pulled me aside and searched my carry on. After searching me they pulled my 5DMk2 out, and dropped it full force on the ground, denting the side casing, breaking the AE motor and focus assembly, etc. basically the camera was trashed.


I sent it in to Canon USA last tuesday, got their on friday. Last night I get a notification it was all repaired, will be back tomorrow, and the repairs were FREE. For what was negligence and obviously impact damage they still fixed it. *fruitcage* YEAH!

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Pretty much. However the TSA hates paying for damaged equipment, and I've heard often times they'll just give you a waiver for a free flight instead of stepping forward to acknowledge they screwed up.


Fingers crossed the camera comes back okay tomorrow.

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Yeah thats what cameras are designed for so I see what you mean :P


I always baby my stuff because if my body breaks I wont be taking pics for a few months untill I can get a new one :(


Well, the 5D is back. All systems go. Still some dust under the LCD. But that's purely cosmetic. Annoying? A tad. But the photos it takes are still top notch, and frankly no use getting bent out of shape considering it's the PHOTOS that matter, and you replace bodies but keep your lenses.


Now I just need a computer to actually ya know...work with the photos.

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I have yet to put up the last class photos. I'm waiting on a new computer. But my flickr is:




Again, I wish the LCD was completely clear, but whatever, the LCD is a tool to review shots. And frankly this camera will be replaced in 1-2 years anyways.

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Thought i would share some pics i have taken over the last year.

Firstly my Fave pic taken on an old Samsung Mobile camera which wasnt even 1mp but with this affect applied it really transforms the picture.



I really like this one taken a few months ago and done on my Iphone this one is done with Coloursplash


Coloursplash, 3mp Cybershot


This is my Iconic ideal, 3mp cybershot



And my fave pic of myself and this pic was shear luck taken with a 3mp Cybershot


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anlges and close ups are good, as these are, but not so many togetehr as it overwhelmes the eyes and they glaze over.

just use them sparingly, otherwise theyre good!


did a bit of work with a commercial car tog a while ago.. lets just say the so-called boring shots sell...



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