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Official Photography Thread?

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Went to BeaveRun august 7th for the shelby event.


Ended up being one of the best days ever, for so many reasons unrelated to cars, to long to tell though.


But anyways the people there are so nice and let me hop in there toyotas and go through the level 2 trails with them and take pics.


Here are the ones from today. Not all but a handful.



Check out the rest at my flickr, www.flickr.com/photos/chrisjuliano
















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Heres the only keeper from Nelson ledges, it was raining and the ferrari left before I got there, and most others. Only cars left were taking it very easy because of the rain besides the BMW M3 who was still hitting everything as hard as he could, and not sliding much if any while doing so :P


Also, the roar of his engine was easily the nicest sounding car there making the hour and a half drive there worth it.





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THe first and last ones are of Spinalonga, a ex leper colony, 3 and 4 are of Knossos, a Minoan Palace and the 2nd and 5th ones are in Boxley, Kent, the poppy field there was much better a while ago but it had almost diappeared upon taking these photos.




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Lots of pics I like so be ready :]


If you want to see all check out my flickr! www.flickr.com/photos/chrisjuliano


Here are ones from ARPCA Porsche of America Private Club Day at Beaverun on August 22nd!


I want this gt2 :]














Now a few of a BMW E36 M3







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Why was I never told we have a photography thread :)


I've been shooting for a long while... And recently teaching the subject to high school students... My latest venture (thats not a pun) is my first studio and shop... which will be open (we hope) by the end of October! :)


now... onto a bit of shameless self promotion ;)








Those shots were from a "mini series" I've been working on, when I work with someone it's always a laugh at the end of the day to get them into my kit and play around ;)


I did a project back at uni on airsoft, using the "Robert Capa" technique :) I was shooting as if I was playing... no visi vest and right in the shi... haha :)








People seem to like this one...



look at this image for a while... then watch the following video...



www.twotadpoles.co.uk - has links to my DA and flickr :)


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I was doing the 'Robert Capa thing' at PR4 until my camera died :( I may try and catch someone at the moment of being hit next time :P


One thing I would say Chris is that I find your framing too tight. It's always cropped very tightly to the cars leaving no background of the track and for me any sense of speed at a track is lost. I find it makes the shots very static. The one of the cadillac and the M3 I think would look better opened up a bit so that you can see the apex of the corner.

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