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trying to fit a g&g or CA m14 gearbox to an existing EBR kit

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Umm...Yes I have :D


Started with this....a G&G M14




Now I run around with this....a G&G/KART hybrid




Some action shots....








To solve a battery issue I had to do this....




....But plan to fit a Lipo in the front as soon as I can afford one and its charger ;)


The most work is infact getting the motor cage to sit horizontaly, but with careful work with a dremmel and file it can be done, the secret is not to take to much metal away from the cage. Also the barrel mounting block needs drilling out in both the holes as they are both to small, but I also combined this by grinding some of the thickness down on the G&G barrel aswell. The only down side was that it was difficult to get the stock catch to work correctly, it can be done, but I found the mechanisum kept collapsing so as can be seen in the photos I permanently fixed it with rivets :unsure:


If you are going to try this remember one thing THIS IS A ONE WAY TRIP FOR YOUR GUN AND THE EBR STOCK as both have to be heavily modified to achieve the gun of your desires ;)

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Including Bi-pod, Battery, Scope and unloaded mag its about 7Kgs/15Lbs :unsure: Not to much of a problem for me as I'm a Burley Builder Type ;) for someone of a lesser physical stature it could well be a problem :P

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Here you go




You also need to grind/Dremmel the top of the handle block out on the stock a fair bit to allow for the round of the motor top, and the two screw lugs at the end of the cage also need to be cut down but not take off the thread so the screws can still be fitted. The pinion hole also needs to be elongated in the gearbox aswell. Remember take a little at a time off and test fit alot, cuz its a lot easyer to take stuff off than try and but it back again ;)


Good luck :D

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