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Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

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Maybe ive just been put off after seeing how poorly other ecus handle things like adjustable ROF, Im not sure im going to do options, truth be told i have 2 main goals, an electronic trigger which is housed inside the gearbox, and also it electronically senses when the gearbox has finished a cycle and doesnt allow it to start another, even if you release your trigger middle cycle it will carry on till the predetermined stop postion and stop with no over run... Thus removing any issues with increasing voltages and timing or incompatibilitys with fitments and semi cut offs. Also no compressed spring tension putting the gun away for weeks not that you can do that any way with a sopmod..


thats it, thats a big thing which pretty much all others fail on dispite there internet gumpf...


No over run

No busting out of the box ..


If ab is needed then so be it, we can all suffer the increased motor wear but stopping it at the same point each time is pretty much a no go for all other fets. apart from the ptw ecu.. which does it flawlessly as far as i know.

I wanted an optical system but due to the sopmods sector gear location i duabt that will be viable, but really theres my ideas, or "our" ideas and then theres what the pros have to say.. or not say if they turn me down... It is a massivly tight space to work in and the fets a given size.. so its hard to arrange it all, i will say that the sopmod has more areas to work in in my opinion than others like normal v2


Its broken down into stages



Design of the board layout

Board manufacture

Board assembly

Testing internally



then after that, i guess we do a run looking at 100 nothing more at the mo.


Each stage is actually not done by just one company... much to my shock and no duabt increased expense.


I really am not going to do this my self, its also not some one whos at college doing pcb designing doing it who just happens to play airsoft.. this is pretty much me walking into the most pro place i can find and saying do it and invoice me.. I really want something epic here, we need a solution that doesnt have all the draw backs of current ecu designs.


i know it needs


- powerhandling

- cut of when mags empty

- compact and fit in without mods into a new v2 gearbox

- switch between single and semi - i may entertain an option for 3 round burst, but it will most likely be a toggle dip switch between single and burst.

- water resistant coating

- Tough switch on trigger and selector plate and cut off sensor and maybe cut off lever switch if thats the route for sensing.

- Stops the gears exactly after every cycle


I guess nows the time to throw about the ideas, so although i want this simple rubust technically awesome bit of kit, if you do thinks its missing something then throw it at me and ill sort stuff into needs, and maybes and no ways.

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I think the main thing is to try and retain the mechanical bolt lock.

I'm not interested I'm 3rd burst, don't personally see the point!

Semi auto locking would be a nice touch however more and more sites are now requesting a permanent semi auto lock in respect of DMR type Setups shooting over 350FPS, so it also may not be on the top of the list.


Simplicity is the key,ease of use and install which gives better trigger response and removes as much gearbox and spring stress/tension as poss and brings the SOPMOD one step closer to 'realsm'. That and being water proof!

Agree with lipo monitoring though.

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As I havn´t read anything about somehting like this: Has anyone ever tried modding a standard upper to fit on the SOPMOD and the new gearbox? A bolt-stopping recoiling M16A1 would be pure fun :)

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Not sure think it was kinerly on here that did it maybe he can clarify..


Id imagine you would loose the whole latch pops open unless you transfered that too.. colours going to be a big mismatch too.. i was going to get some metal grey paint and match the lower and upper, and im assuming hop unit wont slide in without mods... Thats if i bother doing another m16 i will try and fit an a2 upper with the carry handle on it built in, problem is most places are always out of stock of the damn part you need, its often cheaper and easier buying a whole gun to steel parts off and sell the rest on... plus ive got a funky ak project im trying to get off the ground.


i know im doing some premade full stock kits, gunna build up 5 of them for people who just want to basically screw it on.

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are the standard internals ok with 9.6 and e6 m90, those bloody wires are pain to get past the stock tube and nut.


Unsoldier them from the quick connector, then slide them under the locking ring.. Once clear you can then twist off the tube while bracing its pressure to maintain threads.


9.6v is fine But the marui gears will break at some point it's simply a matter of when sometimes its 6 months sometimes 3 years..

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Richard definitely keep me updated when you have the stock kits finished up. Very interested.


Also can someone with the Laylax lower post a picture up?


I am considering getting a plain one and having it custom engraved.

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Has anyone had any experience with putting the madbull Mk18 ris on a CQBR i'm very interested in making a MK18 Mod 1. I was going to get the VFC one but since i got my recce I'm not going to get another gun that isnt a TM recoil as we all know they are the bees knees. any experience with difficulties special tools needed etc would be great.



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There are a few posts on the thread dealing with fitting madbull rails. In general you are going to need the Laylax shims for the barrel nut and you may also need some small washers for the bolts but it can vary rail to rail. Of the 9 inch and 12.5 inch ones I have had/still have the 12.5 inch required shims and washers the 9 inch just shims.

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Nope we don't do the 9.6 bats at the mo maybe again soon at some point.


I just brought a fresh shiny new Sopmod ... And I'm going to rip it into tiny peices lol


I'm gunna split it into its peice parts and then list each one on the website... Original tm parts have been slow for some reason I heard something about limited production.


Either way this should make happy everyone saying can I have just this one tiny bit from a Sopmod.

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