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Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

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Looks just like the lonex model, I bought one as well and like druid mentioned, it's complete *suitcase*, The barrel wobbled like crazy. I still have it though, figured I'd keep it just in case I was at a game and my hopup for some reason cracked.


Thats just a rebrand of the lonex one remember the company that makes lonex allows you to brand there stuff anywhich way from sunday.


Theres just no point with all the rebranding like the shs and hornbill gears exactly the same factory... its just confusing as you cant advertise one brand name.


On the subject of the metal hop units ive seen more problems created fitting it and no problems fixed... The plastic one is by far the best.

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While fiddling about with my SOCOM recently I noticed an expected benefit of using a Magpul MIAD grip. The swappable backstrap means you only need to remove the pistol grip base to get access to the a

Oh PureSilver, you do spoil me rotten sometimes.   PureSilver dropped half his SOPMOD off with me last weekend with some new goodies to install. Before we continue, you should note that the gun had

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Talking about barrel bases, I don't think this will affect anyone else but if any of you do buy this :-




Be careful with the built-in barrel base of this with the Madbull DD AR15 Lite barrel nut. It's actually a little too thick for Madbull nut so I needed to get it milled down the base a little from 4mm down to 3mm in thickness.


Megalomaniac, I guess you're talking about this product instead :-




If so, when you're talking to ARS, please ask him for the thickness of that base and if it'll be fine with the Madbull barrel nut. Feel free to quote my name in expressing your concern. He'll know what you mean 'cos he did the milling for me last week.

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Does ARS have a website/front for dealing with foreign orders?


I Believed they have an exclusive deal with Echigoya. some of their CNC products that found in Echigoya are not listed in there official website. but you can inquire them. just like me i did inquire to them about the CNC lower receiver and i got a pre-order .

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All Tac mods are done by standard to it (hop mod, motor rewind & moisture proofing)....First thing I noticed when when I picked it up was how heavy it was... feels really solid and very well built. Cannot fault the quality at all..... Trigger response is insane :) and the burst function superb brought a smile to my face. The cylinder change takes 30secs (not that I have a spare cylinder lol). The black cylinder is tuned to about 345fps on 0.2g. You can add metal shims to fine tune the fps further. I added one shim and fps jumped to 360plus. Then tried a fatter shim and it went to about 375fps plus. :fear2:

The CQB size is wierd as i'm used to a M4a1 length, so i'm looking to see what the accuracy and groupings are like in the filed.


Negatives (so far)


1. No blowback mechanism (the port cover does sweet FA and the charging handle does nada)

2. No recoil (so used to the Marui recoil now...)

3. Hop cannot be adjusted on the fly like it can be on sopmods/socoms (for the ptw you have to take the mag out and use a hop adjustment tool.. pain in the blah). However a Super Mod is in development and when released you are looking at a £200 upgrade!!!!!!

4. No hicaps (eeeeeeeeek lol)


I'm yet to take her out on a skirmish, but I have a game on the 18th Dec so i'm looking forward to that....


Is a PTW for me, I dunno, the jury is still out until I've played a few games. I'm keeping my Maruis though and selling all my other AEGS for sure to recoup some money... :D


Conclusion.. One hell of an expensive itch to scratch.... :D

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TK4235: I'm travelling the same road - but in the opposite direction. I've had a PTW for a few years now and it is an amazing gun - very solid, awesome response, rate of fire etc. I've found the hop to be excellent, very consistent and I haven't needed to adjust it for ages.


But at the same time I do look at recoil Maruis with envious eyes, it's another step towards realism (but with a decent topping of usability that you don't get with GBBRs). Because I'm so happy with my PTW I'm reluctant to just switch, I'll have to run the guns side-by-side and see what I prefer.

So at the moment it's just a case of getting the cash together, but once the Raptor FET for EBBs is available I doubt I will be able to resist further…

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Okay I'm not trying to talk trash about the PTW, though is this correct?



  • 1:1 Size
  • Bolt Stop Functionality
  • Quick & Easy FPS Change
  • WOW Factor (When others find out you have one)
  • Trigger Response


  • No Recoil (I seriously though they had recoil)
  • No Blow Back (not a big issue at all)
  • No Trademarks
  • Reliability Issues
  • Performance less then that of new TM (What I've read)
  • The cost of 3 new TM Recoil & Shock Models
  • Semi-Tedious hop up adjustment system

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Ok guys, enough trashing my uber gun now :D


As both White_Rabbit and Richard have said both platforms have their own merits... (btw checkout the write up in Airsoft International on PTWs)..


I'll definetly sell the SOPMOD and keep the SOCOM though, so at least I still have the best of both worlds...and when the new MOSFETT comes out i'll plonk it in like everyone else...


Sixty_Niner I undertand what you are talking about... the dilema of which platform to have... I say, have both :).....Shameless plug > anyone want to buy a SOPMOD? lol


Right, let's get back on topic as this is a Marui recoil thread... :D

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Another con of the Systema is that the bolt stop doesn't have any feedback - no click, no sign that it's stopped, nothing.


Also, apparently (words of a Systema user) if you press the bolt stop in the lower part it will stop the gun as if the magazine went empty. This can happen even if you bang the rifle on your chest - if the spring in question is weak.

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It is difficult to compare the two,


But the same argument can be said for the TM M4 and old TM M4.


They are two different kettles of fish, both very good each with their own pro's and con's.




But I always base my purchases on Value for Money.


Which is why for me, the Marui M4 (new one) just wins hands down.


I've used a systema, before the Recoil M4 was out, and I never bought one because I didn't think it represented value for money.

Yes, it's well built,

yes it has a burst function

yes its realistic in size

yes it has the 'stop on empty' function.

yes it has an easy spring change


But I'd expect all of this, because it was (as then) so stupidly expensive, both to purchase initially, and to repair when it failed.


For that reason alone I never bought one, and never will..... not now.




The Recoil M4...


is well built

has the stop on empty function

Has recoil.... The major factor in the realism thing here

is reliable

has an easy spring change (once you've done the mod)

Magazines have Lo and Mid capability.


It can have the 3 round burst function with the addition of a MosFet (as I have done to mine).


And it's comparatively cheap (prices taken from WGC, sorry... dollars)

Systema = $1391 TM = $499

Mags = $54 Mag = $24



So, for approximately ONE THIRD of the price (by the time you've shelled out for 5 mags), you can get something that has infinitely more 'realism' and reliability.

Now, for me, that is VALUE FOR MONEY.


Would I buy an old gen Marui M4 at $289 (or even worse an old Gen M4 S-System at $458... eeeek). NO, they just don't represent value for money.


There you go.... there's my reasoning.



I'm assuming that with a decent 'Fet, and a good battery the trigger response can be made faster too.

I must get a decent fet for mine rather than the plug-in one. (which is good... just not as good as the gun deserves).

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End of the day guys, this is the TM EBB thread, so whatever our opinions might be, it's best to keep it on topic. I'm not a Systema fan at all, but if some people want to be that's up to them, I'm sure they're intelligent enough to decide what's right for their needs.


Lets keep it to the SOPMOD/SOCOM discussions before people start arguing and this important resource ends up locked.

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