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Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

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Hi guys, how are we all?


I have a strange 1 for you guys here...And it's gonna be long.

I have been enjoying my m4 socom now for 3 years! Still going strong and loving it (though recently I've been using my new, no longer so shiny, TM SCAR H!) but recent games with my team has shown we have a gap which needs filling, this gap is FIRE SUPPORT.


Now I've been looking alot at support weapons, the usual m249s and variants, but what I really want, after using a TM recoil gat for so long is a RECOIL support weapon!

Bit of a problem there as you can see. One doesn't exist and is unlikely ever too, well not for 10 years at the rate Marui release stuff.


So the problem/question here is; how or can this be achieved?


So the first thought I had was 'can I put a recoil gear box into an m249 body?' I've given this alot of thought and figured, 'if' I was to attempt this I could end up with 2 guns either in pieces or broken and could be expensive, this is because any cheaper m249s, ie A&K, use a different gearbox type and would cause a whole heap of drama.

I'm under the impression that a G&P m249 does use a version 2 GB (please correct if wrong) so finding a none working G&P and buying a socom, or perhaps even an army code version as it may be difficult to get the bolt stop function working! Is a possibility.


What are your thoughts on that? Completely unachieveable? Any problems you can see? Lots of modding here and getting things lined up perfectly, may never get it running! But with m249s now coming in a flavour with and m4 type stock, it could theoretically be achieved. Any other ideas on this subject?


Second thought was inspired by an FNH product video I saw which introduced me to the world or IAR's (infantry automatic weapons) In particular the HAMR (use google fu NOW!)

Also I've been following the news thread about the H&K m27 IAR by VFC, which looks very nice, it appears more and more military units are using m4 variant IARs, with better heat dissipation, stronger barrels and lower ROF (6-700rpm)


So the likes of the HAMR would be quite easy to reproduce using a recoil SCAR L just from looking at the pics it's a body colour change and a heavier barrel and a couple of other cosmetic mods. But although I like the scar, I'm not fond of the look of the HAMR with is large foregrip. And what I'd like to do is get this thing recoiling as hard as possible with the use of a Sirus unit etc which would mean an m4.


So there are some good IARs which are M4 based, Such as a Ferfans HVLAR, a colt IAR, or even a shrike kit. But apart from a shrike I don't know if there are any possible kits to make any of these!

So does anyone have any ideas on this side? I didn't even mention the 416 based m27 here as that's just supremely difficult unless a 416 upper was released for the socom and I could get an 11 inch 416 rail.

So any ideas here? Suggestions?


Next would be the question of magazines... Would you think it possible to mod the top of a recoil mag onto say a drum mag? To allow for the the bolt lock feature?


I've thought some about surefire type mags, the 100 round mags, by perhaps using a hicap with aesthetic modifications or trying for a mid cap type mag (100-150rds) with a bolt stop retained.

any ideas here?


Apologies for the long post, your only reply may be "your mad, give up now", all comments welcome :)



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While fiddling about with my SOCOM recently I noticed an expected benefit of using a Magpul MIAD grip. The swappable backstrap means you only need to remove the pistol grip base to get access to the a

Oh PureSilver, you do spoil me rotten sometimes.   PureSilver dropped half his SOPMOD off with me last weekend with some new goodies to install. Before we continue, you should note that the gun had

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Anyone having an issue with the gearbox getting hung up on the antireversal? Running a trimmed pdi170 with a 7.4 and it's pretty flawless, but twice now the box locked up(totally seperate occourances, 6mo apart. I was shooting full auto, so I dont think it's from short stroking the trigger. I end up taking off the grip and motor and popping the anti reversal, but it's definatly not an ingame fix.


Trim the spring more its too tight.. if anything shorter the better, possible try and 180 then going very short youll get better results..

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Without reading the whole 130 pages can anyone confirm if this version gearbox can hold a 400fps tuneup fine in minus Celsius in the winter as well?


Regular Ver.2 gearboxes go like sandwitches even at 328FPS when played under 0C.


Anyone heard of these broken as well?




Mine is running about 450 fps and has been fine for months on a std gearbox internals.. but then 0 degrees stresses any gearbox shell... i would say try it and see the gearbox shells are relativly easy to obtain.

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Inner barrel installed Prometheus 363mm 6.03 vs std TM 363mm gave a nice 17fps gain. Sitting at 317 with the hop in the same position (Blaster 02's) looking forward to testing the accuracy and shot to shot consistency on site.


Thanks Richard / Eagle 6 :)

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Kenny- i was able to get way close to 330 fps with .20g out of the stock spring. Had a king arms piston for the next gen ak/m4, prommy air seal nozzle, prommy bearing spring guide, and km 6.04mm x 300mm inner barrel...cylinder is ported and cylinder head is sorbo padded with ars sorbo. Gears are steel as are tye bushings. Get that bearing spring guide and add ~10 fps more out of that sucker!

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Internally it's stock bar a Prometheus spring guide and an uprated recoil spring. Should remain that way till something gives out.


I run games at a local CQB site so the current fps is ideal.


Yeah I'd keep it that way, if I ever buy another TM Recoil M4 the only "internal" modifications that I'm going to do is a barrel and the Kobayashi Motor.

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Bought mine from Echigoya today :)




CQB-R w/ Madbull RIS II


Want to change out the stock for a standard SOPMOD and buy some kind of optic. Thinking of getting a micro Aimpoint...


Be aware that the SOPMOD stock wobble a lot, I installed a FDE Crane stock on my CQBR and it was pretty bad. Now just throw on a EoTech, PEQ15, and maybe a M3X and you're good to go.

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Thanks for the heads up. I managed to trade my stock for a SOPMOD and fitted it today. At first there was a bit of wobble, but then I put some strings of duct tape inside of the stock. Problem solved! Doesn´t wobble much more than the LMT, so I guess I got it pretty tight :)

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I wouldn't be surprised that it would increase the snap of the recoil

Question for people who have experience with the Echigoya Surus kit. I'm debating on going hardcore on the upgrades but curious about whether the stock receiver will have any trouble withstanding the recoil stress. Anyone have trouble or cracking in their receiver with Surus use?


I didnt notice any damage or excessive wear, though I'll also say that the recoil of the SURUS isn't THAT much better than the stock one with a Eagle6 hard recoil spring.


Might sound a little odd but I have an army R48 and when I switched the stock motor over for a "Magnum" style motor I noticed an improvement in recoil. Has anyone else had this or just me?


Not suprised, that it would give a little more snap to the recoil.

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Hola folks...


Now, just a quick one, and hopefully there is a solution to this one as I am nearly about to bin my M4.


She doesn't get used all that often, because I use the VSR and Mk23 predominantly.


The mags are are still not feeding fine. I've narrowed it down to the mags because when they are out of the gun and you pull the little latch back, the BB's stay firmly in the mag and don't spit out everywhere. Just in case anyone thinks it's something other than the mags.


The mag innards are clean, as I have just spent about 3 hours polishing the BB track to make sure it's sparkly and they still stick.

They have never been left filled with ammo.

They used to be flawless, but now they're not.

Seems to occur no matter what ammo I put in them.


I can only assume the springs are getting a little tired (despite their little use), and even giving them a little tweak doesn't seem to alleviate the problem.





1: Anyone else having this issue?

2: Anyone got a quick fix?

3: Does anyone know where I can get replacement mag springs and if so, do they do a stronger one?




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Are the internals of the mag screwed together properly not too tight.


Have you had the upper off your gun? A team mate had the same problem and it was because the upper was slightly off when he put it back on the lower. Took a couple of times of making sure everything was lined up properly to solve it.

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it's definitely the mag....


If I hold the magazine out of the gun, and pull the BB retaining latch back... nothing happens. Normally this should result in something akin to a Bukkake video, but it doesn't.




Short of changing the spring over when I first got it, she's never needed to be apart. And it has been working fine since then. I think the mag springs are shagged.


I'm probably going to order a couple of G&P reinforced ones from WGC. I know they are not specifically for the Recoil M4 mag, but they look similar and if they don't fit, I've only wasted $6.

worth a shot as these mags are seriously putting a downer on what should be a joy to use.

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